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MSC Courses

Autumn programme 2020

NB: Due to COVID this programme is now online 

Saturdays over five weekends  will run from 10.30-5pm with the exception of the retreat session which will be four hours on a stand alone day.

October 17     10.30am-5.00pm – session 1 and 2

October 31      10.30am -5.00pm – session 3 and 4

November 14   2.00pm -6.00pm – Retreat session

November 21   10.30am-5.00pm – session 5 and 6

December 5     10.30am -5.00pm – session 7 and 8

Cost:   £250 for the course and retreat session  with the new fully updated programme.This includes all handouts, and  a 4 hour silent retreat.

There are just 10 places as I only run small groups so please get in touch asap


Please register your interest here stating MSC Course in the main body of your message

For further information and an application form please contact me in the first instance on 07753 957371 or email me . You can also print off the application form here:

Annette’s MSC course background information for applicants 2020

During these difficult times, now more than ever, as research and neuroscience shows, we need to develop a stronger , more resilient relationship with ourselves as we navigate through the difficult terrain that is COVID.

The programme is designed as a training to promote emotional well-being – it is not a therapy but its benefits are hugely therapeutic when the programme is practiced.

For further information on the programme content have a look at my Mindful self-compassion page here 

Here is a video clip  which has Chris Germer giving a talk last year on the history of the programme and its intentions.

Please get in touch here asap if you would like to apply for the course and please include MSC  course in the subject field. You can call me too on 07753 957371

Call me on 07753 957371 in the first instance or email me here.

Annette’s MSC course background information for applicants 2020

“Mindful self-compassion can be considered an ultimate emotional strengths and resilience training. It is an intelligent and compassionate response to suffering, trauma, and imperfection and is grounded in evidence based neuroscientific research, and evolutionary psychological research from Professor Paul Gilbert OBE  as a proven way to effectively overcome emotional difficulty and develop and healthier relationship with ourselves. The programme has been developed from the self-compassion research of Professor Kristin Neff, and the clinical wisdom and expertise of Dr Chris Germer as they joined forces to founder this unique, and now world -renowned therapeutic training.

The three key components of self-compassion are self-kindness, a sense of common humanity, and balanced, mindful awareness. Kindness opens our hearts to suffering, so we can give ourselves what we need. Common humanity opens us to our essential inter-relatedness, so that we know we aren’t alone. Mindfulness opens us to the present moment, so we can accept our experience with greater ease. Together they comprise a state of warm-hearted, connected presence.

Self-compassion can be learned by anyone, even those who didn’t receive enough affection in childhood or who feel uncomfortable when they are good to themselves. It’s a courageous attitude that stands up to harm, including the harm that we unwittingly inflict on ourselves through self-criticism, self-isolation, or self-absorption. Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to admit our shortcomings, motivate ourselves with kindness, forgive ourselves when needed, relate wholeheartedly to others, and be more authentically ourselves.

Rapidly expanding research demonstrates that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships.” © The centre for Mindful self-compassion

I am delighted to be able to deliver this new 6 -week online offering from the centre for mindful self- compassion: Mindful self-compassion -a short six-week online course.

You will be learning to activate and developing an evolutionary adaptive driver which helps to neutralize the effects of stress, both internal (from our own mind and inner critic) and external (from the daily challenges we face in our lives such financial, and health). You will learn practices that will support your well-being and help you move forward in your life, overcome difficulty, and evolve.

This resilience training enables you to manoeuvre and transform the most difficult emotions when compassion is applied and reinforced.

Please be aware that of May 2018 GDPR is in place and you can view my privacy policy here. I would suggest that the safest way to offer your personal details on the application form is by post. However, I will accept the form by email but please be mindful that I cannot be held responsible for insecure links via the internet.

Places are limited to 10 and secured by completed application form and £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit. Full payment is required at least one week before the start of the course.This can be paid online via bacs (please get in touch for details) or by postal cheque made payable to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ Room 7, The Old Fuel Depot Business Centre, Twemlow Lane, Twemlow, Nr Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8GJ
I have had a number of inquiries regarding completing the programme again.
I myself completed the programme twice to reinforce my learning before undertaking ‘teacher training’ so for anyone wishing to complete this rewarding and life-affirming programme again I am offering a 50% discount at £125 in 2020!

NB: Full payment of £290.00 (face to face) £250 (online via secure zoom) for all MSC course attendance options is due at least one month prior to course commencement and no later than one week before. Cancellations made within one week of commencement will be 50% refundable. Payment can be made and a place secured with a non-refundable but transferable deposit of £50 and the balance is due one month prior to commencement and no later than one week prior to commencement.

If you have any questions regarding payment please get in touch.

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an empirically supported, 8- week, 9 -session (a half –day retreat is included) training programme designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. Based on the ground-breaking research of Kristin Neff and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer, MSC teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding.

For further and application please email me or call me on 07753 957371

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance which enables you to meet partial fulfilment of the requirements to apply to become an MSC Teacher. You can then apply for Teacher training.

You will also be eligible and very welcome to continue your journey and join the growing High Peak MSC community ‘six- weekly gathering’, supporting and maintaining your practice. Membership is free with a small attendance fee of £20.00 for each session. The gatherings run every six weeks or so on Saturday mornings from 10.00am until 12.30pm at Disley Friends meeting House. Currently-due to covid all gatherings are being held online.


I would be honoured if you would join me as we take this journey together -will you walk with me?

I offer you this invitation to open your heart, open your eyes, open your ears. Open your mind to become more fully present, right now, right here, in this beautiful moment that you are drawing the breath that gives you life – a life to be treasured, nurtured, and loved.



Please note: If you are thinking of becoming a Mindful self compassion teacher there will be a teacher training in 2019 either here in the UK and I am sure 2020, or elsewhere that you will be able to attend so places on this course, which fulfills partial requirement for teacher training, will fill up fast.

However, if this is your first time as a participant then I urge you to immerse yourself fully into the experience for yourself to gain the best experience. Then you will have the knowledge to pass on to others, but only if you comitt to taking care of yourself first and learning from your own experience. So, I am making this clear now – if you want to attend solely for the purpose of teaching others and have not competed this course before, then refresh your aim and intention for the present moment so that you can focus fully on the practices and how they benefit you.

For further information and an application form please contact me in the first instance on 07753 957371 or email me .