Annette Boden MSc


Feedback from the MSC course  summer 2015

I was very moved to receive this feedback which has been graciously offered to be shared publicly as a recommendation of the course:
“As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist specialising in the Compassionate Mind approach to alleviating distress, I signed up for the Mindful Self Compassion course on the recommendation of fellow therapists.  The course lived up to its reputation as it introduced me to many practical skills which my clients, and myself, can use with a clear rationale provided at every step of the way.
Annette is a truly wonderful course leader who teaches compassion from the’ inside out’; not from a lofty position, but by example, as an ordinary person who strives to apply self compassion when things go wrong. Thank you Annette for being a role model in this, and for such an inspiring and memorable 8 weeks which I can take forward in my professional and personal life”.
Shiraz F
CBT therapist North West England, UK