New Year, New Attitude! Even better health for 2010

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Spring into action this New Year – increase your motivation to work smarter towards your desired goals. Now is the time- at the beginning of a brand new year that brings hope and optimism as we look forward.

Your goals do not have to be huge or set in stone – think about what is realistically achievable and attainable for you – be it letting go of an old unwanted habit to creating new ways of people and sharing your life in friendship.

This is a special time to think about:

  • all you have learned in the last year- what you did well, what you would like to improve on
  • what you would really like to focus on this year to improve your wellbeing and quality of life
  • increasing levels of contentment and happiness – this includes self acceptance
  • aiming for realistic goals, and balancing the focus on these goals to fit in with your everyday life and allow for interruptions and changing priorities along the way

One way of achieving self-acceptance is to lower your expectations of yourself and others. We often feel guilty when we have not achieved all we wanted, when we wanted. We also put ourselves under constant pressure to keep going – often when our bodies say it’s time to rest. We feel guilty if we are ill; this increases stress and lowers the immune system defences. So, lower your expectations, be proud of what you do achieve.

During first months of the new year – rest and relax more often to boost your immune system, and if you do catch a cold or other virus – avoid looking for blame and cause, and the illness being something to be ashamed of and guilty about, this will increase healing and strengthening. See the New Year as a healing and strengthening time – strengthening your motivation to achieve desired goals such as becoming fitter and healthier, and increasing balance in your life.

Be positive in your focus – if you have indulged over Christmas- see the new year as a special time when you are now ready to return to ongoing projects such as maintaining a healthy weight. But, rather than saying, “I must lose weight”, or “I have overindulged” which applies guilt and pressure – focus on being more nutritionally supportive of your body, planning meals whenever possible, including the essential meal of the day – breakfast.

You do not have to diet to lose weight, simply begin to introduce some easily absorbed lifestyle changes such as:

  • eating more slowly
  • eating only when you are hungry and stopping when you are full
  • chew your food really well
  • drinking more water and cutting down on caffeine and alcohol
  • increasing daily movement, and listening to your body- when you are hungry, eat; when you are tired, rest.