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Hello and welcome to my March  newsletter.

I would like to welcome those of you who have not received my newsletter before and hope that you enjoy it.  I believe there is so much that we can share with each – other, with family, friends and in the wider community to enhance the quality of life that we can enjoy. We never stop learning, and to this end I will share with you what has interested, informed, and inspired me over the last month.

This issue you will find the newsletter packed with information and tips, and your questions answered in ‘Ask Annette’, and my news to share! so do have a good look through! The monthly section to look out for is ‘Ask Annette’.

Please note my tips and shared information are not a replacement for medical advice. They are intended for personal growth and development and to enable you to think about new ways of addressing and overcoming emotional challenges. Always speak to your doctor before making any changes if you are under medical care, this includes medication regimes.

As always, if there are particular topics you would like me to include or if you have any suggestions for the newsletter, all comments are very welcome. You can email me by completing the contact form here.

As I do not have everyone’s email addresses, some will go out in the post.


There are some very important and exciting announcements for this issue!

I have attended a course in cancer hypnotherapy and hope to be able to share my learning in a positive way.

I am also very excited to announce that I am now a certified OCD and anxiety hypnosis specialist.

There are still places available on the Hypnotherapy diploma course, for any of you wishing to pursue a new and rewarding, caring career, or who wish to attend to learn more about themselves and to enhance personal growth and development. The course begins this Saturday 27 March. The following information comes from the Academy press announcement, and further information can be found in ‘the independent on Sunday’ this Sunday 28 March: “The AHH course content has been approved and accredited by the Training sub-committee of the Hypnotherapy Association, the largest independent organisation for practising Hypnotherapists in the UK with over 500 members, and offers thorough grounding in both clinical and spiritual disciplines. The 2010 course begins on March 27th, and we offer a fast-track service for late joiners. For further details, and a course prospectus, please contact the Academy at:

Tel: 0161 860 4797



My new face book page is almost ready so please go and have a look at my face book page- Annette Boden well being. Here you can ask questions and ‘become a fan’ and find out about workshops and events and where I will share information that may be helpful and beneficial, and where I hope to build up a supportive and exciting group of like minds and hearts.

Follow me on Twitter at @annetteboden. I will be updating my tweets much more regularly from now on after a busy but uplifting February.

Anxiety management workshops:

These workshops are empowering, supportive, uplifting, and  continue to run on the first Wednesday of every month at Sett Valley Medical practice from 6.30pm until 7.30pm and all are welcome. Booking with Corrine at Sett Valley on Telephone 01663 743483 is essential as places are limited to 8 per session. The cost is just £10 per person payable at the session.


Each issue I will include a ‘tips’ section on varying topics.

This issue, I will be focusing on tips to help you challenge and defeat negative thinking

I had intended to talk about ‘better sleep’ in this month’s issue, but I have been so inspired and personally uplifted by all I have experienced and learnt recently, and so I would like to share with you some tips and inspirational ideas, some of which I have learnt from my trainer on OCD and anxiety hypnosis, Devin Hastings- an excellent coach and warm, wonderful, passionate human being.

So now time for positive and permanent change!

These words may create a temporary feeling of uncertainty, particularly about what is possible, but as Willey Jollie said “if there is no change and challenge, there can be no growth and development”

I am constantly amazed, delighted, and privileged to witness positive change in the people who come to work with me. Change can happen as quickly, when you choose to decide to change, as I have quoted before and reiterate here

“When individuals rise above their circumstances and use problems to push them to become more, they grasp greatness” Nelson Mandela

And in taking those positive steps towards beneficial change in your health, well being  and happiness, know that all is possible because simply,

“when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer


So to change some of the way we think about things, here are a few ideas Devin shared :

  • Flaws and failures are growth opportunities
  •  you have accomplishments within you, waiting to happen
  •  Mistakes are research moments – the 40 in WD40 represents the 40 attempts taken to perfect the product.
  • Problems are stepping stones to success

Each day think about this acronym AOL

A your achievements

O all you have overcome on your journey towards positive change and personal development

L all you have learned from your challenges, about you, your abilities, capabilities, strengths, and all you have learned that empowers you.

And, finally for this month, when you are meeting particularly difficult challenges and are looking for the answers and a way to feel better- just as February came and went so quickly, and moments of joy may seem fleeting, so too will all challenges come to pass. You need not be afraid to take those steps, you can only succeed – remember failure is just an opportunity to reflect on what further you can do to succeed.

You have the power within you to achieve– it is just a matter of deciding when to take those first steps.

For further information about how to challenge  negative beliefs and thoughts, and overcome obstacles to your health and well being  you can contact me via email by completing the contact form here or call 01663 750323.

‘Ask Annette’

A lot of you have asked about how to address fears of returning to old ways of thinking and feeling after knowing how good the changes you have made – when those “what if “anxiety provoking thoughts creep in- then it is time to acknowledge your achievements and know that you cannot return to where you have come from- “the past is a place of reference, not residence” Willie Jollie.

Once you have learned new ways of thinking and behaving you have changed permanently, when you acknowledge that it is ok to have ups and downs you know that you are no longer travelling along a flat line- focus on the symbol of a heart beat, and its ups and downs, to remind you that you are alive and well and able to feel each moment of each day. If you experience, briefly those familiar feelings, think about what you now know about yourself and what those feelings are telling you, perhaps you have been exceptionally busy, may be tired? But you are capable of putting into place all that you have learned and the moment will come to pass.

Relaxation classes and workshops

The Monday morning classes continue to prove popular and run from 10-11.00am in the community centre with a warm and friendly group.

The relaxation class is a really good way of boosting your energy reserves, and is a great way of boosting your immune system. It is a useful practice to do every day but this can sometimes be difficult so the classes help to give you some time each week for this beneficial practice. It is also a chance to share tips / ask questions about any concerns you may have around areas such as sleep and stress management.


My CDs are available to buy at my classes or from my practice by arrangement. Alternatively I can send them to you by post but there will be a £2.00 P&P delivery cost – for first class recorded delivery and safe packing. Each CD is £10.00

There are five CDs titles in all:

Sleeping Well; Weight Management; Relaxation: Tranquil beach; Relaxation: Tranquil forest

Relaxation: Tranquil garden

Also, there will be new CDs available in July, so watch this space!

Recommended reading

This months’ reading topics are varied and come from clients and courses I have attended, and reading I have enjoyed and found useful. The topics relate to mind body connections and healing and positive psychology:

From the founders of positive psychology

Flow- the classic work on how to achieve happiness” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, ISBN: 0-71265759-2

The New York Times best seller “Authentic happiness” Martin Seligman, ISBN: 1-85788-329-2

For mind body connection:

The key to self-liberation- 1000 diseases and their psychological origins” Christiane Beerlandt ISBN: 9075849354


“21st century medicine- clinical evidence for the healing power of the mind” Devin Hastings ISBN: 978-0-578-00628-4

Do not let the title put you off. This book is well written and informative but in a way that is easy to read and absorb.

I hope you have enjoyed my March newsletter.

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