August 2018 news: How self-compassionate are you? New courses and retreats to support your well-being

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Hello again and welcome to my August newsletter

Sleeping well
I don’t know about you but after the summer heatwave, I am finding the cooler temperatures are more conducive to a good night’s sleep ūüôā Lately, I have seen an increase in clients suffering from a lack of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for our physical and emotional health and well-being and there is always a delicate balance with just the right amount of sleep, not enough, or even too much! For now, I would like to focus on getting enough and share with you some¬†tips which I hope you find helpful.
A good night’s sleep helps us to function properly with our day to day activities and projects, at work or at home. I have put a link here to my ‘better sleep’ page for some sleep hygiene tips.
However, getting a good night’s sleep begins from the moment we get up in the morning. If you start the day off well, you set the scene for the rest of the day. I always recommend a morning meditation or mindfulness practice with clients suffering from insomnia and the effects of poor sleep.
Poor sleep can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • pain
  • illness
  • A busy mind that has not settled from the days offerings
  • ¬†or poor sleep hygiene habits

We may not be able to avoid or reduce pain and illness at times in our life, and for some these are chronic issues.
However, we can do something about the busy mind and our sleep hygiene.
Poor sleep hygiene habits are something that we can easily fall into- such as:

  • watching the next episode of a series on TV so you end up going to bed much later than normal
  • excess alcohol- it may seem like a quick fix to get you off to sleep but the truth is quite the opposite!¬† Research shows that alcohol depresses the central nervous system, lowers mood and impacts on sleep detrimentally by preventing the body to reach stage 4 deep sleep- this means we either wake through the night or much earlier than normal in the morning, and we don’t achieve deep refreshing sleep. This has the added knock-on effect of lowering the mood and creating a pattern of negative thinking that starts the next day off from a far from ideal beginning.
  • Eating a heavy meal late at night – sometimes this is unavoidable
  • Allowing worry and daily stress overtake our night time wind down.


Mindfulness and self-compassion practices are helpful for getting the best out of your day and helping you get a good night’s sleep by encouraging your ability to make¬† healthier choices for yourself.
I am excited to be  offering a number of retreats, courses and workshops this Autumn that will help you get the most out of every day and help you increase your emotional resilience, and make more informed choices about your health and well-being.
For a quick overview here are the dates and details in brief:

A day of peace – guided gentle silent retreat

resources and help

A calming day of mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and self-compassion: Achieving Quiet calm and emotional resilience in a busy world. This gentle and uplifting retreat is Suitable for all with MSC, MBSR training, anyone who has attended my workshops or day retreats before, or who have a formal meditation practice or you simply want to come along and experience peace and quiet in good company and explore the benefits of a silent guided retreat.
When: September 22 10.00am until 3.00pm
Where: At the beautiful Quaker meeting House in Disley
Your investment: Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share at lunch.
The cost of £45 payable in advance of the day reserves your place.
A gift –¬† introduce a full paying friend to this gentle day and receive a ¬£5 discount.
NB: Places are limited so early booking is recommended and a waiting list will be in place.
Discounted rate of ¬£35 for ‘six weekly gatherers’
Introduce a full paying friend and get £5 discount off your place.
NB: Places are limited so early booking is recommended and a waiting list will be in place.
Booking: Call me on 07753 957371 or email me

At  Pinches medical







Emotional resilience in later life
This uplifting and experiential workshop invites you to embrace a new chapter in your life as you retire or have already retired. You will learn tips and strategies to help you make the most of the freedom you have and how to manage some of the challenges and changes so that you can enjoy this time more fully. You will also be guided through a deep relaxation technique.
Where: The beautiful Copper room, on the first floor, Charles Roe House
When: Thursday 27 September 6.30-8.00pm
Your investment:£20.00 Pinches medical members £30.00 non-members
Booking: To book your place and for further information please call 01625 704777

And for young adults
True resilience student workshop

Where: The beautiful Copper room, first floor, Charles Roe House
When: 24 October 11.30-12.30pm (Debbie-did we agree this time due to it being half term?)
Your investment: £25.00
About: This course is designed to support students as they study throughout the academic year. You will learn techniques and strategies to support your well-being and emotional development, build your self-confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you to get the best out of your learning environment and social life as you grow into a young adult.
True Resilience Exam Ready
Where: The beautiful Copper room, first floor, Charles Roe House
When: 22nd November 6.30-8pm
Your investment: £30.00
About: This experiential workshop is designed to support you and enable you to overcome any fears or anxiety around the exam process. You will learn about stress and how to manage it, the best revision techniques, and how to be calm and confident on the day of the exam.
Booking: To book your place and for further information please call 01625 704777

Willersley Castle Autumn retreat October 5-7 2018

As the year unfolds and you are looking for support on your personal well-being journey Рcheck out the now well-established and popular Willersley mindful self-compassion  weekend retreats.  There are limited places and the Autumn retreat is booking up fast! so do get in touch for more information and to reserve your place. These nourishing and uplifting weekend retreats now have a regular following and run twice a year, in the Spring-setting and revisiting intentions and in the Autumn Рreviewing and refining our progress and taking time out to re-balance and reconnect with our purpose and highest nature.

The Willersley Castle retreat dates are confirmed for this Autumn and places are filling up fast! So please get in touch asap to book your place which is secured with a non-refundable but transferable deposit of £50.00. You can send me a cheque or pay via bacs

I now have my policy and retention policy published on my website and I would urge you to be aware that you can unsubscribe to this newsletter at any time you wish. Your privacy is always respected, and this newsletter is supported by mail chimp security and two-factor authentication. Your email address is not shared with any third party.

New  Relaxation classes continuing!

Where: In The Copper room at Pinches medical in Macclesfield– all welcome.
I am so thrilled to be able to offer this popular class once again and now in Macclesfield! The classes will have started! I am so thrilled.
The classes run on a Tuesday evening from 6.30-7.15pm. Download the pdf poster here for more information Come and enjoy a weekly session of deep relaxation, with mindfulness, self-compassion, and guided visualisation. The Copper room, which can be found on the first floor of the beautiful Charles Roe House is a beautifully setting that naturally lends its self to uplifting courses, classes, and workshops.
The cost is paid up front on a four-weekly basis and is £20 for Pinches members and £30 for non-member. Ad-hoc sessions need to be booked early on the day and at the latest 5pm if possible and these are £8. To register your interest or book a place get in touch asap. Places are limited so if you are intending to come along for a session ad-hoc, do call on the day to check availability. You can contact Pinches Reception directly on 01625 704777 to pre-book your place and make payment

The Mindful self-compassion programme transforms and transcends the mundane, and challenges of daily life-teaching essential skills for emotional resilience and well-being.


NB: New dates for late Summer and Autumn will be available soon!

I am so thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity and privilege once again be a trustee on the board for Anxiety UK.   I look forward to supporting AUK and offering discounted courses and retreats to its members! and keeping you posted on all the news from AUK HQ!

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970, by someone living with agoraphobia, for those affected by anxiety, stress, and anxiety- based depression.

To read more please¬†Click Here ¬Ľ

My professional  focus and ethos continues to evolve and move towards a compassionate approach to well-being that offers new strategies physical and emotional comfort based on neuroscientific findings, and continuing research into chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and CFS.

Mindful self -Compassion programme

All MSC courses will now take place in Disley on Saturdays and Adlington Village Hall South East Cheshire on Friday afternoons. The original¬†‘six weekly gathering’ will continue to be held at Disley Quaker meeting in East Cheshire which borders with the High peak. Other gatherings will take place in South Cheshire also as the year progresses.

 Six weekly gatherings Disley 2018 

Disley Quaker Meeting House, Disley

From January 2018 the ‘gatherings’ are now available to anyone who has trained in MSC and who wishes to keep connected to the practice and be supported with their practice and ongoing journey in the warm and friendly company of those who are also walking the path.

The dates for 2018 at Disley are as follows:
27 January 10.00-12.30pm, 17 March, 21 April, 2 June, 14 July, 25 August, BREAK FOR AUTUMN WEEKEND RETREAT AT WILLERLSEY, 20 October, 6 December 10-3 for a special extended Christmas gathering.
NB: If you would like to attend any of the gatherings  and have not completed MSC with me please get in touch with me in the first instance.

Corporate and Community well-being

This year I have continued to focus on ¬†corporate and community well-being as I continue with teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion programme (please get in touch if you would like me to send out¬† information and application form for courses starting in Summer 2018) and NEW FOR 2018:¬† ‘Emotional resilience’, and ‘Mindful compassion for well-being’ ‘New¬†unique programmes of 4 week-weekly¬† training and personal development¬† incorporating the latest research based approaches including ‘compassion and mindfulness’ and imaginal exposure’ for valuable¬†and lasting lifestyle changes and well-being.
I have found that motivation and intention are powerful instigators of positive¬†lifestyle change and I found this article on ‘the science of achieving your goals’ interesting¬†and thought I would share it here with you.

Check out the APP insight meditation. I have just uploaded a free mediation there “Giving and receiving compassion” the third of the core meditations from the Mindful self-compassion programme. If you would like an MP3 download of the meditation just for you, please email me

Blythe House 2018 day retreats
Facilitated by my Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher David Oldham

Saturday 24 February “An introduction to Mindful Compassion”
Saturday 19 May “Deepening Mindful Compassion”
Saturday 28 July “A day of Joy”
Saturday 29 September “Touching peace”
Saturday 1 December “Letting go and new beginnings
£65 per retreat
Retreats begin at 10am and finish at 5pm
Vegetarian lunch and light refreshments are included
NB: Places are limited so early booking for these popular and uplifting day retreats is highly recommended.
For more information or to book a place please contact Nicki Theaker on 01298 875086 or email
This programme consists of four weekend training sessions at Blythe House plus a five day residential retreat – only 16 places available!


online shopping page

My online shopping page is a new venture and I hope to update it regularly -adding items of interest and enjoyment. At the moment I have CDs and downloads available. I will also be uploading videos and downloads in a free resource section as I get my new website fully up and running, so watch this space!


In my private practice I teach mindfulness based compassion focused- approaches alongside psychotherapy and cognitive counselling to bringing about change and improving quality of life and I have the privilege of seeing huge change and success from these approaches. So do get in touch  or call me on 07753 957371 if you would like help with anxiety issues, low mood, or other issues you feel I may be able to help you with.

Wishing you all well and happy, with this sunny August month that is filled with Joy and compassion, and much love for yourself and for all around you in August 2018
Thank you so much for your continued support and as I continue to develop my programmes and offerings.