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Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

I am very happy to share that I include a ‘compassion focused’ therapeutic approach within my practice and have had the pleasure and privilege of attending a course in CFT with Dr Mary Welford, and have now completed an advanced skills training with Professor Paul Gilbert this December.

Listen out for me on High peak radio this December, where I will be sharing tips and techniques to help you enjoy the festive season and look forward to the New Year 2012 a time for change, growth and evolving.


Each Wednesday at Blythe House hospice Dave Oldham runs a mindfulness meditation group- if you are local to Chapel en le frith, this class is well worth attending and all proceeds go to the hospice. For further information, contact the hospice on 01298 815388. Otherwise if you live farther afield then I would suggest looking out for mindfulness meditation classes and learning the practice- it is simple, safe , and most importantly- effective.

Mindfulness and Compassion day retreats

I am very happy to announce that the next mindfulness and compassion day retreats being held at Blythe House are running from January 2012.

The first retreat day takes place on Saturday 28th January and early booking is advisable as there are limited places on this wonderful course of retreats!

January 28th An introduction to mindful meditation practice

This day offers basic instruction in the theory and practice of mindful meditation, with a focus on finding some peacefulness and calm in the mind and body. It is suitable for beginners and those who already practise but would enjoy revisiting ‘beginner’s mind’.

£50 per retreat

Booking & Confirmation

For further information or to book a place, please contact Nicky Theaker at Blythe House: 01298 875086 (24-hour voicemail) or email:

As this year comes to a close as we enter into the festive season. I am sharing some tips familiar and relevant.

Top tips to being tip top at Christmas! From Christmas past to Christmas present

As we approach another festive season

Simplicity is key to enjoyment this year and taking a little time to reflect on what that means as we head into the festivities and a reminder of some top tips to enjoying this time.

Getting the balance right – pace yourself and allow time to rest and recover at the end of each day and momentarily throughout each day.

Allow time to think about:

The things you like most about your family, friends:

Being together

And the importance of:

Being kind to each other – applying compassion

Being kind to yourself – applying self-compassion

Slowing down

  • Plan your festive time to reduce the pressure-write your lists and stick to them; set a monetary budget per person on gifts.
  • Communicate– let people know you have a budget, particularly children. This helps to reduce expectations, moving away from the material towards sharing- your love and affection for those around you, and extra time with friends and family.
  • Get enough sleep– this gives you more energy and boosts the immune system at this busy time. If you have difficulty sleeping – wind down an hour earlier than normal; give yourself permission to let go of all thoughts of things that need to be done – you will achieve more the following day.
  • Plan in some relaxation time– perhaps a warm aromatherapy bath at the end of the day – Lavender and Chamomile are particularly relaxing. Bringing your focused attention into the present moment by focusing on taking in gentle breaths and being aware of letting go of tension as you do so.
  • Balance assertiveness with compassion– Say no gently to any unrealistic demands of those around and delegate your Christmas workload.
  • Take things slowly and avoid excess– eating and drinking in moderation is always important, and doing it slowly allows the body to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins much more efficiently- thus reducing the intake of extra calories and the stress of putting extra pounds on
  • And finally…. Acknowledge all you have learned, overcome, and achieved in the past twelve months.

‘Ask Annette’

A lot of you have asked about ‘Safe drinking limits

This is especially relevant as we enter into the festive season so it is all about moderation.

Pace yourself with the Christmas drink. Traditionally, people do generally drink to excess at this time of year. However, by drinking less, you will enjoy more, with less physical and emotional suffering. Space out alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. Swap carbonated mixers such as tonic, which increases alcohol absorption for vitamin enriched fruit juices.

Relaxation classes and workshops

Monday morning classes are now closed for the winter and will begin again on Monday March 12 2012 at 10.00am at Chinley community centre. All are welcome to this friendly and uplifting group at the start of each week.


My CDs are available to buy at my classes or from my practice by arrangement.  Alternatively I can send them to you by post but there will be a £2.00 P&P delivery cost- for first class recorded delivery and safe packing. Each CD is £10.00

There are five CDs titles in all:

Sleeping Well; Weight Management; Relaxation: Tranquil beach; Relaxation: Tranquil forest

Relaxation: Tranquil garden

Also, I can now offer a new CD – Raising self esteem.

Recommended reading: For your Christmas stocking!

“The compassionate Mind” Professor Paul Gilbert

“Self Compassion” Kristin Neff

“The mindful path to self-compassion” Christopher K. Germer, PhD