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I am very exited to be supporting a unique event between September 25 to October 1 2011.

Anxiety UK – Britain’s leading charity for anxiety disorders is launching a remarkable week long series of events and challenges next week, to raise awareness and money to support the many individuals who suffer daily from anxiety disorders and phobias and who can’t always access the help they need and when they need it.

 “Face your fears week will be held 25 September to 1 October 2011, where people all over the country are being encouraged to challenge their fears and their phobias.

Any one can take part in Face your Fears week by taking part in organised challenges or creating a challenge that is personal to them.”

“We also wnt Face Your Fears Week to be a catalyst to encourage people to raise money for individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders, where they have to face their fears every day.”

Get in touch- get involved. I in 6 adults in the UK suffers from anxiety and phobias.

To get involved contact Terri at AUK on 08444775774 or email faceyourfears@anxiety.org.uk.

I am a director on the board of trustees for this valuable charity and have supported AUK for many years- you are not alone – there is help out there- if you are on an NHS waiting list or needs some help- AUK offers support, advice, therapy, help lines and so much more to members..so have a look at the website and think about joining today for help and support
Anxiety UK.

Listen out for my radio Derby interview tomorrow at 12.15- raising awareness for Anxiety – talking about ‘Face your fears week’ next week. Also on High Peak radio over the week and weekend. You can get involved- face your fears- rise to the challenge- raise money- join Anxiety UK Britain’s leading Anxiety charity.

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970 by a sufferer of agoraphobia for those affected by anxiety disorders, and today is the leading authority on anxiety disorders and phobias in the UK. We are still a user-led organisation, run by sufferers and ex-sufferers of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are common and treatable, and Anxiety UK works to relieve and support those living with these conditions by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including fast access to reduced cost 1:1 therapy services. The Anxiety UK helpline alone receives over 16,000 calls a year from people suffering from phobias and anxiety disorders.

We provide support to people with any anxiety condition, or specific phobia such as fear of spiders, blushing, vomiting, being alone, public speaking, heights – in fact, any fear that stops people from living their lives to the full.”

To find out more about Anxiety UK go to www.anxietyuk.org.uk.