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Coming out of the dark and into the light with my pocket full of pebbles and a heart full of hope as this new year gathers momentum.

Today I am reflecting on the year just past in new surroundings and looking forward to sharing new venues and courses in 2017. This is the first monthly offering of 2017 and I hope there is something here for everyone.
Winter has been a long period of reflection for me, and a re-visioning of my plans as I look to offer more retreats and seminars this year. My focus is moving towards a compassionate approach to well-being that offers new strategies physical and emotional comfort based on neuroscientific findings, and continuing research into chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and CFS.
Many of us start the year with good intention and determination, setting resolutions in motion that can often quickly lose momentum- so the key is to ‘keep on going’ and return often to ‘your intention’ to revise and alter with self-care and self-compassion as the year unfolds, and you meet the demands of your every-day life.

This is what Kathleen Kator said in an interview about motivation and self-compassion
I have found Kristy Arbon’s recent blog about love and fear to be really helpful when I have had moments of struggle with my plans and goals, intentions, and resolutions. And, I found this blog about overcoming self-criticism ,which included words of wisdom from Kristin Neff interesting too and so I am sharing it here.

This February issue is filled with information regarding my new practice times, and the new courses for 2017.

Mindful self -Compassion programme
All MSC courses will now take place in South Cheshire, however the original ‘six weekly gathering’ will continue to be held at Disley Quaker meeting in East Cheshire which borders with the High peak. Other gatherings will take place in South Cheshire also as the year progresses.
The full MSC weekly  course starting late Spring 2017
Dates: TBC
Venue: South Cheshire/ Holmes Chapel/ Goostrey/ Sandbach TBC
Cost: £270 for full programme including half-day silent retreat
For further information and an application form please contact me in the first instance on 07753 957371 or email me . Places are limited and secured by completed application form and £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit. This can be paid online via bacs(please get in touch for details) or by postal cheque made payable to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane, Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA.
I have had a number of inquiries regarding completing the programme again.
I myself completed the programme twice to reinforce my learning before undertaking ‘teacher training’  so for anyone wishing to complete this rewarding and life-affirming  programme again I am offering a 50% discount

Six weekly gathering Disley 2017 

The dates for the 2017 gatherings are available to view and are as follows: 21 January, 8 April, 20 May, 12 August, 23 September, 4 November, and the final one of the year is now being held on December 9 from 10-3 for a special extended Christmas gathering. Thanks so much to all the gatherers who  attended the first gathering of 2017 and shared so much.
This year I am continuing to focus on  corporate and community well-being as I continue with teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion programme (please get in touch if you would like me to send out an information and application form for courses starting in Spring 2017) and other courses and workshops.
I have also enjoyed sharing this body of work in my training sessions I have been sharing with corporate business and I look forward to taking a more active role this year and supporting businesses from within. Have a look here at this recent Huffington post article on “Three ways to improve well-being at work” 

MSC for teens and Young adults

This Spring I am delighted to be introducing ‘Making friends with yourself’ MSC for teens and young adults. Research has already shown the benefits and positive outcomes for this training and I believe it will be the next great move forward in our civilisation towards compassion and emotional resilience. I have had the privilege of training in Dublin in November with Loraine Hobbs and Karen Bluth- 2 remarkable people who are setting the bar for transforming the lives of teens and young adults so they can flourish as adults- I wish this course had been around for my generation- it really is a game changer in developing self-confidence and emotional resilience. Watch this space for further information or get in touch to discuss how I can bring this to your school or community college.

Settling in to new surroundings
As I approach this new year in a new home and a new county- or rather a return to a home county, I am looking forward to exploring new avenues of self-compassion practice and teaching.My Chinley practice days are now Mondays and Wednesdays. I am developing a new practice in the Knutsford/Wilmslow/Holmes chapel areas, so, I am looking  for ‘a place of my own’ where I can continue my flexible service at times to suit.
I continue to offer services at Sett Valley (for the time being) and extending my practice hours at Park Lane in Macclesfield, and The Regency Hospital in Macclesfield.

There are new retreats and workshops on offer this Spring to help you to keep your focus on your intentions and goals.

Settling into the present moment and a practice to help you maintain your goals and intentions. 

Here is a practice I often share at the beginning of the new year in  my ‘New Year’ workshops – it has relevance through out the year and every year.
Take a moment to:

  • Think of three things you like most about yourself,
  • Three positive things that people have said about you in your lifetime,
  • And then think about what are your three best qualities…

Take a moment now to be in the present and be aware of how you feel after thinking about those very important truths. Write down any thoughts/ideas and importantly-( repeat the 3’s) as a reminder to return to  as your year unfolds
Practicing this often will increase your self- esteem and confidence and enable you to acknowledge your value and help you to put all of life’s joys and challenges into a manageable perspective.
Dr Wayne Dyer said
“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
He also said recently
“When embarking on a journey to change the rest of your life, start by holding a vision of who you want to be and simply take each day as it comes.”
So to change some of the way we think about things, here are a few ideas:

  • Flaws and failures are growth opportunities
  •  you have accomplishments within you, waiting to happen
  •  Mistakes are research moments- the 40 in WD40 represents the 40 attempts taken to perfect the product.
  • Problems are stepping stones to success

Each day think about this acronym AOL
A your achievements
O all you have overcome on your journey towards positive change and personal development
L all you have learned from your challenges, about you, your abilities, capabilities, strengths, and all you have learned that empowers you.

Think about writing a compassionate letter to yourself when you are feeling particularly hard on yourself see Kristin Neff’s website www.self-compassion.org for this and further exercises in self-compassion.

Willersley Castle Mindful self-compassion weekend retreats 2017

The Willersley Castle retreat dates confirmed for this year and places are filling up fast so please get in touch to book your place which is secured with a non-refundable but transferable deposit of £50.00. You can send me a cheque or pay via bacs
The two retreats weekends this  year are: 23-25 June 2017 and 29 September 2 October 2017

March 11  2017 A day of Mindful self-compassion – silent retreat

A calming day of mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and self-compassion: Achieving Quiet calm and emotional resilience in a busy world.
March 11 2017  from 10.00am until 4.00pm
At the beautiful Quaker meeting House in Disley

This gentle and uplifting retreat is Suitable for all with MSC, MBSR training , anyone who has attended my workshops or day retreats before, or who have a formal meditation practice.
Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share at lunch.
The cost of £45 payable in advance of the day reserves your place.
NB: Places are limited so early booking is recommended and a waiting list will be in place.
Discounted rate of £30 for ‘six weekly gatherers’
For further information and to book your place, please contact me on 07753 957371 or email me:

Natural awakening   March 4 2017
“The loving heart, the creative spirit”
Venue: Disley Quaker meeting House
Time: 10.00am until 4.45pm
Cost : £55
payable in advance of the day secures your place
Summer and I are delighted to be offering our first ‘Natural awakening day retreat for 2017’

Check out the APP insight meditation. I have just uploaded a free mediation there “Giving and receiving compassion” the third of the core meditations from the Mindful self-compassion programme. If you would like an MP3 download of the meditation just for you please email me

New for Spring/Summer 2017!

“Compassionate well-being”

A 4-week programme introducing mindful self-compassion with an option to continue to complete the official MSC 8-week programme starting April 2017 cost £150 for the full 4 weeks. Places are limited and secured by a £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit payable via bacs online ( contact me for details) or by cheque made paybale to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane,Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA’.
Venue: South Ceshire / Adlington / Wilmslow /Alderley Edge TBC
Dates TBC  : 2.5 hours per week – 4 weekly evenings/ afternoons/ Saturday mornings Starting April 2017
Please register your interest and preferred time of week by email or call me on 07753 95731

Annette Boden well-being presents
“Sleep well, eat well, Live well”
A series of 4  weekly workshops for complete well-being which can be taken individually or as a complete package
Cost :£30 per workshop or £25 per workshop when attending all 4
Venue: South Cheshire TBC
Dates : Starting March 2017 TBC
Places are limited and secured by a £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit payable via bacs online ( contact me for details) or by cheque made paybale to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane,Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA’.

online shopping page
My online shopping page is a new venture and I hope to update it regularly -adding items of interest and enjoyment. At the moment I have CDs and downloads available. I will also be uploading videos and downloads in a free resource section as I get my new website fully up and running , so watch this space!

Further news and updates, and a request:

  • If you know of any schools or colleges that would like some journals for their psychology department or class, then do get in touch. I have back dated copies of the British Psychological society journal and other psychotherapy journals for anyone who is interested.
  • Blythe House day retreats 2017 facilitated by David Oldham


In my private practice I teach mindfulness based compassion focused- approaches alongside psychotherapy and cognitive counselling to bringing about change and improving quality of life and I have the privilege of seeing huge change and success from these approaches. So do get in touch  or call me on 07753 957371 if you would like help with anxiety issues, low mood, or other issues you feel I may be able to help you with.

I wish you and your families every happiness this February and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you so much for your continued support and as I continue to develop my programmes and offerings.