May 2016 – Spring is here and so are the new course dates and details for the November Willersley Castle retreat!

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It’s hard to believe it is May already and we are well into Spring. We seem to be striding through this year at some speed so it is good to be able to take a break from my busy schedule to say hello and let you know what I’ve been up to, what’s going on, and offer some interesting links and offerings.
I will be updating you with special summer retreats and new autumn and winter day retreats and workshops in my June newsletter but for now it is Mindful Self Compassion programme taking centre stage in this update and the second weekend retreat which follows on from the success of the first bi-annual weekend retreat which took place in March- more on that later.

April was a month of consolidation and learning for me and a personal journey of turning towards the painful and meeting it with renewed self- compassion and ‘backdraft’ following a prolonged virus and the inevitable fibro flare up- followed sharply by a  timely reminder to be more self-compassionate with myself, and much revelation and gratitude.
This reminds me of a couple of articles I read recently in Jack Kornfield’s uplifting newsletters which moved me profoundly and provided me with some much needed reminder and comfort around the topics of ‘turning towards for necessary healing’ and ‘letting go’ something that is not easy for any of us on the journey through life and the paths it may invite us to wander down. Jack reminded me that it is ok to be human and imperfect and that struggle happens.
However, we don’t have to struggle alone and there is much we can do to ease our daily struggles and take good care of ourselves. On this note I would like to mention a new online course  “Self-Compassion” that Kristin Neff and Brene Brown have come together to offer and if you can’t get to a retreat or regular group then this might be for you.
Kristin Neff suggested that “self-compassion is an important human strength as it evokes qualities of kindness, equanimity, and feelings of inter-connectedness, helping individuals to find hope and meaning when faced with the difficulties of life” (Neff et al. 2007)
Whatever our roles in life are- we are human beings first and have the same needs to be met and the same emotional systems as everyone else. Before we can provide limitless compassion we need to top up our own reserves and self -care is vital.

Alongside my personal journey I have had the great privilege and pleasure to be invited to speak to Edale WI and Wormhill WI about the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion and I am truly appreciative of the warm and enthusiastic welcome I and the topic I talked about received.

The Willersley Castle Hotel weekend Mindful self-compassion March retreat was an uplifting and very special experience for me. This was the first of its kind that I have facilitated- the first of many! I am deeply grateful to all the participants who made the weekend so beautiful with their sharing, and good company.

Willersley Castle Hotel, for me superseded expectations- the food and setting were superb, and the staff were warm and attentive.

I am aiming to hold a bi-annual weekend retreat for Mindful self-compassion practice at Willersley Castle every Spring and Autumn.

As some of you may know I have now confirmed dates for November 4-6 for this Autumn 2016 and shared on my Facebook page  so please register your interest asap as some places have already been booked and there are limited places available to keep the weekend relaxing and intimate. For me this provides the opportunity for greater comfort and sharing.

I have popped a few photos on my Face book page to give you an idea of the setting and location. The swimming pool is set back in the grounds as you can see below in the pine lodge. Accommodation this Spring was in the Mews and this is where we held our retreat practice also in the newly refurbished conference room

Willersley Castle Hotel weekend retreat of Mindful self-compassion practice- set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, just a short stroll to Cromford canal and the historic Arkwright museum village. Next dates now confirmed: November 4-6 2016. Limited places.

For more information/to reserve your place call me on 07753 957371 or email me.
A special message to all mums and dads of teenagers revising and working towards exams
This month is a particularly stressful time for teenagers as they approach their exams and I have worked with an increasing number in my clinical practice over the years, but with social media and the other pressures of living in the modern world, there seems to be little time for them to simply breath and relax for a while. I have found teaching deep relaxation through clinical hypnosis, in combination with cognitive counselling and compassion focused- mindful self-compassion practices to be anecdotally extremely helpful and effective with my young adult clients. It helps them to sleep better and focus on their revision and the examination process with more confidence.
If you  have a son or daughter that is struggling at the moment and you feel they might be open to and benefit from a couple of sessions to support them in their own journey through revision and exams then  give me a call on 07753 957371.