September news 2019- an abundance of events and retreats!

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So, I have decided to publish my newsletter early to give you time to meander through the variety of events I have planned for this Autumn.
I am so grateful for all that has come my way so far this year-even the challenges which provided ‘silver linings’ with unexpected learning. Quite often in the face of adversity we don’t see the potential for growth and involvement. However, as we move through challenges and overcome them, it is a good idea to acknowledge that as an achievement and to reflect back with a compassionate heart for the suffering you may have endured and some warmth for the strengths you tapped into.
Resilience is a theme I have been coming back to over the last few months and if you have not already , then I can highly recommend Rick Hanson’s book Resilience- and the audio book of the same title narrated by Rick Hanson himself.
I will be continuing throughout the Autumn to undertake various projects and start new classes and courses so do get in touch if you would like to attend any of them.
I have penciled in a new Mindful self- compassion course over five weekends and will be confirming the venue asap so do get in touch to register your interest.
Also, I am hoping to start new relaxation classes in October in the Knutsford area and it is looking most likely to be at Pickmere village Hall. I will update my website as soon as I can confirm the details
Resilience is big news at the moment as neuroscience shows that through positive neuroplasticity , we can overcome lifes’ “Big Waves as Pema Chodrun writes and develop strengths and strategies that not only help you survive the challenges of daily living but enable you to thrive.
The path to emotional resilience is life-long and often winding but well worth following, so come and join me over the next few months as I show you the way through the mindful self- compassion course, my day retreats,  relaxation classes – new dates and venue TBC shortly, a deeply calming silent day retreat in October, and two nurturing Autumn weekend retreats this September and this November.
For information and booking any or all of the above please call / text me on 07753 957371, message me privately via my Facebook page  or email me in the first instance.

Wishing you well and happy this Autumn, wherever your path takes you.