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The Green Chair – a personal message 

To everyone who has sat in the comfy green chair and worked with me over the past fourteen years.
I thank you for the honour and privilege of working with you. I have loved serving you, helping you, supporting you, empowering you, and having the enormous privilege of engaging in some of the most rewarding therapeutic relationships.
The many cards I have received over the years serve as a reminder that this is my life’s work and my soul’s purpose – being in service to support others is the rent I gratefully pay for the joyful gift of life on this beautiful planet earth I wake up to every day.
A special note and date for your diary! 
My final day of clinical appointments will be on Monday 25th March , so if you require an appointment/ would like a ‘top up’ and wish to see me there one last time, please get in touch before Saturday as I have a few slots I can offer: 12.30pm, 2.00pm,3.00pm, 4.00m –  there may be a couple more earlier on but my last one has already been taken.

Moving forward where can you see me? 
For those of you who wish to continue with me – I hope you will – You can come and see me at Priorslegh in Poynton, my clinics in Macclesfield at Park Lane, and The Regency hospital (add in links and photos), the Brookdale clinic in Knutsford,  and of course my new practice when it opens in mid- April
The High peak is a close nit and supportive community. I have dearly loved Chinley and the High peak  

Many of my newsletters over the years have opened with a photograph of the beautiful nature that surrounds it.
The friends I have made and the good memories I have will stay in my heart forever.
Please know, as I have already told Bill and June (my wonderful landlords and the owners of 18a) I have dearly loved every hour I have spent at 18a Green lane and it became a part of who I am. So, to let go is not easy. I have held on as long as I could, but, as many of you know, my husband and I moved over the border into Cheshire in November 2016 to be nearer to family. Sadly, in that time we have lost two of the most important people in our lives.
However, we still have close family who we love dearly and are building our lives and our practices in Cheshire.
This is not such a big transition for me as I have had a clinical presence in Macclesfield since 2002. I also have a clinical practice in Poynton and have done for a number of years now – this is easily reachable from the High peak with the opening of the new bypass! ? and I will be here for some time. So do come and see me there!
I also offer skype as I have an international clientele, and this works well, especially if you have already met me and worked with me.
So, it is with much sadness, but with equal measures of gratitude that I am closing the doors of 18a Green Lane for the last time on the evening of March 25 2019.
The green chair and I are moving to a new home in Cheshire. Details to follow in my April newsletter!

But a piece of my heart will always belong to the people of Chinley.