Testimonials from Retreats & Courses

I was very moved to receive this feedback which has been graciously offered to be shared publicly as a recommendation of the course:
“As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist specialising in the Compassionate Mind approach to alleviating distress, I signed up for the Mindful Self Compassion course on the recommendation of fellow therapists. The course lived up to its reputation as it introduced me to many practical skills which my clients, and myself, can use with a clear rationale provided at every step of the way.
Annette is a truly wonderful course leader who teaches compassion from the’ inside out’; not from a lofty position, but by example, as an ordinary person who strives to apply self compassion when things go wrong. Thank you Annette for being a role model in this, and for such an inspiring and memorable 8 weeks which I can take forward in my professional and personal life”.
Shiraz F
CBT therapist North West England, UK

Here is just some of the wonderful feedback from the Autumn 2019 retreat:

“Lovely weekend of self-compassion practices and reflection! A great gift for yourself if you are interested in cultivating a compassionate, balanced, joyful life”

“This weekend was a great way to get ready for the darker part of the year. I learned new concepts and met like-minded people. Very nurturing experience.”


Weekend Retreat Participants 2019


Annette is a very supportive and intuitive therapist. Her courses and retreats are excellent! Well run and in beautiful supportive venues. Annette teaches mindful self compassion form the heart! I always come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

I enjoyed the most:

“The practices !!!and the poems. I do think they help you build resilience. The warmth and professionalism of the teacher :)”

“The whole aspect of the weekend, i.e.the meditation,body scan- so relaxing, the way you deliver the course, lovely company, food, Excellent weekend”

MSC 6-weekly Gatherers


Annette is so knowledgeable about her subject. She keeps up to date with her reading and involvement in Mindfulness and so much more. I have learnt a great deal from her and continue to attend her classes.

Overall experience:

” 10/10 Excellent retreat and opportunity to reconnect with compassion exercises in a safe and supportive environment ”

“10/10 Its a lovely experience,led by a lovely person. Very restorative. This retreat helped me to ‘feel the meaning’ rather than ‘hear the words’

“10/10 Annette is such a lovely, warm and compassionate person. I found the weekend so relaxing and rejuvenating, and I feel much calmer and more centered!”

I enjoyed the most:

“Being in nature, self-compassion exercises, connecting with old and new friends”

“Companionship, like-minded people, beautiful countryside,lovely food, and blissful meditation”

“Compassionate body scan, time in nature, meditation on equanimity”

“The slow, gentle pace, the morning meditation. The company as ever is delightful”

2018 Autumn retreat