Self hypnosis

Here is a simple way to find inner peace and relaxation.

10 steps to Self- Hypnosis

  1. Bring focused attention towards your body, and to your breathing with the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

  2. Become aware of the chair/bed that supports you, and the space and peace around you.

  3. Become aware of each area of the body working up from your legs.

  4. Close your eyes and let your facial muscles relax.

  5. Become aware of your whole body relaxing.

  6. Take a deep breath, hold to the count of four and breathe slowly out, letting out all tension, and imagine the world “calm”.

  7. Then go down the steps/count backwards from 10 to 1 going deeper each time into relaxation.

  8. From 1 drift down to your place of peace, healing and tranquillity. Have a good look around. What can you see? Feel? Find a place to rest and relax.

  9. During the day, when you are ready, come back up the steps/count from 1 to 10.

  10. If you awaken in the night, repeat the process. You can remain in the peaceful place and drift off to sleep.

Healthy audio downloads to help you with a variety of issues, safely and effectively.

I am thrilled to be an affiliate to my long time esteemed colleague and teacher Mike Mahoney- an award-winning  clinician and hypnotherapist, and teacher  for over thirty years – founder and producer of ‘Healthy audio’ which offers a range of superb, professionally recorded hypnotherapy CDs and downloads for a range of conditions including: IBS, Cancer, anxiety, insomnia, and much more!

For further information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy

The National college of Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy

The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy has been offering respected, evidenced-based and independently accredited Hypnotherapy Training, Hypnosis Training and Psychotherapy Training since 1977. This makes the National College one of the longest established and most respected hypnotherapy/Hypno-psychotherapy training institutes in the world.

I am a fellow of the national college of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and first trained with them as NSHAP in 1996 in London and graduated in 1998.

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The Hypnotherapy Association- HA

The Hypnotherapy Association is a non-profit making organisation and is a leading independent professional body in Britain representing approvedhypnotherapists in active practice. From our extensive register, you will be able to find a hypnotherapist in your area of the UK who has the necessary training, skills and experience to help you to succeed in reaching your goals through this most effective of therapies.

The Hypnotherapy directory

If you are looking for a Hypnotherapist and I am not in your area. I can recommend the following directories to find a therapist in your area.

The Hypnotherapy directory