Annette Boden MSc

Weight management

Weight Loss programme information.

I offer a number of options regarding weight loss. The main option is a course of 6-week sessions, this comprises of 4 weekly sessions, followed by 2 follow up monthly sessions. The programme consists of a compassion-focused no- diet weight management strategy, looking to change the way food is viewed.  I incorporate stress management issues, any unresolved emotional issues, addictions, e.g. to chocolate or biscuits etc, time management, insomnia, life style, work/life balance. I use a combination of Hypnotherapy for powerful visualisation and relaxation, and as a powerful resource tool to bring about positive change. I also incorporate a compassion-focused therapeutic approach which includes cognitive therapy and psychotherapy.

Some people choose to come for the full course with a particular weight loss goal; others opt for 2 or 3 individual sessions to get them started  and some come for 1 or 2 individual sessions for motivation or a specific addiction to a certain item of food.

For the most beneficial long-term effects I do recommend the full programme, but this can be condensed depending on the needs of the individual.

My sessions are 50 minutes a session. The first session is 60-75 minutes at no extra cost.

Fees are variable according to where you come and see me. Please find  a full breakdown of my consulting rooms and fees here

For further information and to book appointments you can call me on 07753 957371 or email me from my ‘contact me’ page.


Some information and useful tips:


Why diets don’t work

When we diet we restrict the body of a variety of nutrients, and because of the time consuming planning and strictness of many diets, we often lose our motivation, life gets in the way, and when we finish the diet we more often than not put back on the weight we lost and more besides as the body goes into starvation mode and stores excess ready for the next diet/famine! Eating is vital for our survival so when we restrict our intake by dieting – we are going against our own body’s survival instincts.


Why do we put excess weight on?

There are many reasons why we gain weight- it is not just about eating excessively- it may be about comfort, or protection, or even tiredness- and stress- So lifestyle balance is the key. Our body’s metabolism naturally slows down as we get older- so we do not burn off excessive calories as quickly as we did when we were younger- as we head towards the menopause and beyond – this is the body’s way of protecting its self as our bone density lessens. But we can strengthen our bone density and get rid of excess weight with regular exercise- a well-loved subject that I will come to a little bit later!

At this point I would also like to mention waste and what causes our bodies inability to get rid of excess waste efficiently.

Weight gain is not just about the conversion of food to fat and it’s storage in the body, it is also about an excessive build up of waste products and toxins in the body from a sedentary lifestyle, daily stress and an in-balance of nutrients- e.g. if we eat a lot of pastry/bread, and not a lot of vegetables. This can cause slow or lack of elimination of waste products and insufficient lymphatic drainage. Toxicity causes an inflammatory response – enlargement of the body structure and soft tissues – increasing body weight, and excess food being stored as fat, so waste removal is a priority and getting oxygen and water into our cells.


There are also certain foods that can aid weight loss such as cinnamon, prunes, and cider vinegar breaks down the hardened acid in our bodies that cause inflammation and aches and pains. Fresh fruit and vegetables give us energy.


Why do we want to lose weight?

Weight loss is a very personal thing but the most important reason for losing excess weight is good health- reducing the risks of heart disease, cancer, joint problems, and diabetes to name just a few. It is not just about how we look – it also about how we feel, so don’t be a slave to the scales- this takes you back into diet mode of thinking-creating unnecessary stress and guilt and fear, and disappointment- go by how your clothes feel and fit and your improving energy levels!



My top tips:

The best way to lose weight and maintain the weight loss is through positive lifestyle change. This may mean actually eating more food- not less!

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day-

Fuel up first thing; we need the most energy at the beginning of the day. If we skip breakfast, when we do finally eat -? Mid-morning or even later at lunchtime we often grab a quick fix for energy such as high sugar foods and refined products- biscuits /cakes etc and also the next meal we have, our body holds onto more than it actually needs because we have confused it and put it into emergency starvation mode- remember survival instinct- because it does not know when the next nourishment will come.


So, balance is the key- sending a message to the body that it will be nourished regularly. If you do eat a breakfast but find yourself still hungry or very peckish around mid morning- then eat extra fibre at breakfast and include a piece of fruit.


Only 1 or 2 meals a day may not be enough for your body and often then when we do eat we overload to compensate as energy levels have dipped and we are ‘starving’ rather than ’hungry’.


  • Pay attention to how you eat your food-

It takes 20 minutes for the body’s chemical signal to kick in and let us know we are full- if we eat quickly, in a hurry, distracted- we often miss the signal and carry on eating. If we eat more slowly- naturally we eat less in that time.

Chew your food well, this improves digestive absorption and smooth transit and is less work for the body to do further down and so avoids unnecessary blockages – like a traffic jam.

Really taste your food- quite often we miss flavours, so when we pay attention and taste our food, we find we are more drawn to healthier foods.

Plan your weekly menu- when you are relaxed and have the time-it helps you to really think about what you are eating so that you can create balance in your diet. This saves energy through the week and keeps you on track! It also saves money on your shopping bill.


  • Increase water intake and reduce caffeine intake-

Caffeine is a diuretic and depletes the body’s fluid levels. Quite often we are really thirsty when we think we are hungry. So plenty of water is essential for healthy weight loss and maintenance- it flushes out toxins and replenishes- giving us more energy and reducing sluggishness and tiredness.


  • Exercise-

-Is not something to dread or avoid- it can be fun and exhilarating- it is about choosing an activity that you enjoy, and that can be fitted into your lifestyle – it may be that a gym is for you- but if not then a brisk walk – 20 minutes a day gets your system going and heart rate up, increasing your circulation and energy levels- helping you to sleep better and burning off excess calories.

All activity counts- including housework- just up the speed!

Pace yourself and build in an easy to maintain routine, and do not go beyond realistic limitations- life does happen along the way and often gets in the way- so don’t beat yourself up if your routine stops for a while- acknowledge that life got in the way then get back on track.


  • Rest and relaxation-

As well as exercise- rest and relaxation are a vitally important part of a healthy balanced lifestyle to maintain your weight loss.

If we don’t do this we eat more for extra energy and the wrong things because we don’t have the energy to prepare fresh foods, and low moods from tiredness can lead to quick fix sugar intake. Look at your sleep patterns and put into place some time for you and some good sleep habits. Alcohol is not included in this.  On the pale green leaflet I have included tips for sleeping well and stress management techniques.


  • Positive focus-

Focus on positive visualisation – see yourself at the ideal weight for your height. Do not waste time and energy focusing on what you don’t want, but focus what you do want, focus your energy on your desired goal.


  • Treats-

Allow yourself the occasional treat- 80/20 rule- keeps you on track and free from feelings of guilt and pressure. Treat yourself to a massage, facial, reflexology once a month or once every couple of months to increase your wellbeing and to encourage the body to get rid of toxins.

It goes without saying that there are negative effects from alcohol on our weight due to the hidden calories but again, everything in moderation.


  • Have a goal-

Have a goal to work towards- this gets your motivation going and maintains it. E.g. better health, better sleep, clothes fitting better, more energy- not just a special occasion as these come to pass.


I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to begin to think positively about putting them into practice.