August news 2020-restoring the balance, building resilience

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Welcome to my August newsletter:
Restoring the balance and living life well

Hello and welcome to my newsletter for August 2020. 
Here we are in August, over half -way through what has to be ‘a most unusual year’- we share a common humanity with everyone across the globe as the pandemic has not respected boundaries and has travelled far and wide. We all have a basic human right to survive and be safe.
Summer is in full swing here in England, as we slowly and carefully emerge from the restrictions that were put in place to keep us safe from covid. Although shielding is on pause for now, covid isn’t so I urge you to take good care- and I’m reminded of a favourite poem of mine by Walterean Sally called ‘be good to yourself’ I am always moved by those final words
“… like an old friend you would visit now and then, take care of yourself, for you shall not pass this way again”
Whilst we must remain vigilant and cautious, and adhere to the sound and clear advice we have been given: ‘Hands, face, space- washing our hands often and thoroughly, wearing a face mask indoors and where social distancing is not possible, and where, it is possible, keeping a safe distance – none of this is easy.
We have seen a sharp rise in anxiety and depression and emotional uncertainty, so it is imperative that we find a way to enjoy our life however we are able to do so safely. Achieving wellbeing both emotionally and physically is possible despite the uncertainty we face.  Wellbeing matters-you matter- we all matter.
As we navigate our way through the coming months and look forward to seeing friends, family, and work colleagues again-not to mention our favourite cafes and restaurants, and our favourite haunts, it’s time to restore the balance within.
Many of us have probably eaten more food and drank more alcohol during these strange and restrictive times, but as we move into the summer and an easing of those restrictions, it is a good opportunity to restore our own natural norms and habits, and even create some new ones as we look forward to boosting our immune and emotional systems.
I consider resilience to be made up of four essential elements: Strength, Courage, Wisdom , and compassion.
You need physical and emotional strength to persevere when things get tough and you are facing adversity, when the end of difficulty seems a long way off.
You need the courage to turn towards your suffering and face fears and adversity-when we turn towards with courage , more often that not, we can actively alleviate the suffering of anxiety. When you recognise your own courage this helps build self -assurance and confidence to continue on your life path.
Wisdom is a quality that we grow into , from all that we learn and overcome, mindfulness helps us to become more aware of our needs and thus be able to meet those needs when we practice compassion – giving ourselves the same care and attention we do to those we truly love.
In the weeks ahead, I have put together a number of initiatives aimed at supporting you to strengthen your wellbeing and thrive, not just in these uncertain times but for always as a practice to build on.
In fact a veritable smorgasbord , a plethora, an abundance of wellbeing events which include 9 online well-being workshops, courses, retreats, and a pod cast!
Keep Trying new things!
I have ventured into the unknown again week to overcome fear, doubt, and my own very strong inner critic to connect with you in person. I have recorded my newsletter on video! I will be uploading it to my website shortly.

For all my August and Autumn offerings carry on reading through

“Annette Boden well-being for life”: Join the club! 

I am delighted to offer a new annual membership scheme “Annette Boden well-being for life!”?

It is so important and helpful to have regular support as you navigate life’s challenges and look for ways to meet your needs, knowing that you are a precious human life that matters. You certainly matter to me!

For an annual membership fee of just £50 I am delighted to offer you access to a range of beneficial resources. For full details of this full package please go here , and to register your interest/apply for membership, and obtain further information, please go here

NEW online Relaxation classes

Due to these unprecedented times I am continuing to offer my relaxation class Online.

A weekly session of deep relaxation with mindfulness, self-compassion, and guided visualisation.

The online version runs via the Zoom meeting platform which means we are able to see each other and I facilitate the class via video link-so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home ?

I am continuing to offer 6 sessions at a reduced rate throughout the summer so if you pay for all six sessions upfront the cost will be just £20 and payable via bacs if you do online banking or £23 if you choose the paypal option. If you wish to attend ad hoc then I am also reducing the weekly session to £5 payable in advance of the session. I will also offer some handouts and downloads as part of this package to keep everyone going during the physical isolating period.

You can opt for sound only also so that you can lie down on your bed at home if you wish or you can attend with full video and audio sitting on a comfortable chair.

At the first session you sign up for there will be meet and greet and time allowed for logging on and any difficulties to be ironed out ?

Please get in touch here for further information so that I can email you the meeting ID and password for the zoom sessions. Or call me in the first instance on 07753 957371

I look forward to welcoming you on Wednesdays at 6.30pm until 7.15pm

Wishing you all safe and well?

NB: I  am offering my online relaxation class with a discount for everyone and to NHS staff  for FREE so please email here directly to obtain the zoom meeting ID and password. 

Clinical therapy sessions 

Good news!

From March 23 2020, following government advice regarding the Corona virus, I moved my clinical practice online. I am now pleased to announce that my King street door will be open once again from August 11.
Check out my dedicated page here for full booking details and covid guidelines. 

Until then I continue to offer online therapy via zoom, skype, and face time. Many people run therapy practices solely online and it does work very well. I have offered skype and online therapy sessions alongside my face to face clinical practice for many years now for those unable to attend face to face due to travelling distance and my international clients.

My online fees are £60 and have not increased for the last five years or more and I am postponing my planned April increase until September when my fees will go up to £65.

For further information/ to book a session/class/course Please do get in touch as I have some slots available this week and they are run from my own secure and confidential office. Or call me on 07753 957371.

I look forward to continuing to serve you and help you with many issues including stress and anxiety management, building emotional resilience etc. For full details of my services and the issues I provide help with you can learn more here

Assuring you of my best professional intentions at all times as I wish you well, safe, and happy and look forward to working with you.

So, what new offerings do I have this Summer and early Autumn?

A new offering of  Hypnotherapy products!

I am delighted to introduce you to Healthy audio – a fantastic resource of excellent hypnosis recordings for better health. I have had the privilege of training under Michael Mahony -the founder and owner of Healthy audio ltd and I can testify to the quality and benefits of his recordings. I completed my IBS hypnotherapy training with Mike and cancer hypnotherapy.
Healthy audio offers a range of products to improve well-being.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products, which include the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Emotional recovery after breast cancer and many others, all developed using our structured approach of bringing ideas to life, so you live your life better. ” 

Mindful self-compassion – the new online short course  starting August 10!

This is a new offering that I am delighted to bring this summer!

I hope you will join me for the journey- Mindful self-compassion is so important now more than ever in these uncertain times. So check out the details here for all the information and booking!

 The benefits of mindful self-compassion – an interview with Lauren McQuade
I always think of mindful self-compassion as a saving grace for me and am passionate about sharing the benefits. So I was thrilled to be invited to talk on radio Stirling online last week with the lovely Lauren McQuade.

The conversation covered many aspects of Mindful self-compassion and we also focused on the inner critic and how self-compassion helps us to discover the ‘wise voice within ‘ which motivates us for healthy lifestyle changes and letting go of old unwanted habits.

I have put the link here for you to have a listen to
Please don’t hesitate, as always, to get in touch, if you would like to know more about Mindful self-compassion and the latest course dates and venues I am offering in 2020!

‘Calm and comfort ‘:  9 new weekly online workshops for everyone!

I am so thrilled to be offering these online experiential workshops, packed full of tips, ideas, practices, uplifting conversation, and much more! With all things precious, just like the beautiful Fuscias I’m nurturing at home  it takes time to grow and cultivate good health and well-being habits- so come along for one or all of these sessions to grow your health and well-being.

  1. Coping with change – covid and beyond Thursday August 6  30-8.00pm
  2. Sleeping well Friday August 7   00-5.30pm
  3. Alcohol awareness -forming healthy habits Thursday 13 August  6.30-8.00pm. Following this workshop I am inviting participants to consider if they would like to join a weekly support group which will run for 6 weeks initially. I will be offering guidance, and resources specifically to help you on your journey, it will be a closed group where you can share safely and confidentiality and gain support from each other also. I will be looking to offer this either online and/ or a local venue in Goostrey, Pickmere, or knutsford. To register your interest for the workshop and the weekly support group get in touch here and include ‘Alcohol awareness group’ in the subject field.
  4. Managing weight and expectation Friday 14 August 4-5.30pm
  5. Stress management Thursday 20 August 6.30-8.00pm
  6. An introduction to self- compassion Friday 21 August 4-5.30pm
  7. An introduction to self-compassion Thursday 27 August  30-8.00pm
  8. Compassionate communication Thursday 3 September 6.30-8.00pm
  9. Forgiveness Friday  4 September 4-5.30pm

Cost: Just £25 per workshop payable in advance guarantees  your place. Get in touch today for further information/to book your place!

A new silent day retreat: Healing the world-from covid and beyond

Please join me for this gentle yet uplifting very special silent day retreat as we meditate and pray together for all that is good in this beautiful world that we love and hold dear. A day of gratitude and appreciation, with lots of love and compassion thrown in for good measure?

I will be leading many of your favourite guided practices to support your own well-being also.

This day will either be held online or at a peaceful venue where we can all meet together.
Date and day: Saturday September 5 online or in person TBC

Time:11.00am -3.00pm

Cost: £35 (£5 from each sale goes to Anxiety UK who work tirelessly to reach those who need support the most when challenged with severe fear and anxiety)

A brand new collaboration!

Coming through covid – a matter of well-being, a matter of perspective?

I am delighted to be delivering this new 3-workshop  ‘resilience and motivation’ online interactive and educational series with my esteemed colleague and friend -the absolutely gorgeous Susan Townsend of Perspective Coaching

I am blessed that our paths have crossed. I hope you enjoy our uplifting and enjoyable collaboration as we share the very best of our experience and what the latest researched based well-being practices for corporate leaders and individuals-making positive change happen.

We have been working hard during lock-down to bring you the very best training, grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology, and the latest research into well-being and resilience training. We are now almost ready to come up for air and share this amazing boot camp with you!

The well-being boot camp will comprise of three  interactive and experiential 1.5-hour workshops over 3 weeks – as you gather momentum.

The focus of these workshops will be “what matters to you” emotionally, physically, mentally, relationally-in fact anything that stands in the way of your well-being and resilience as you ‘come through Covid’ -we will address and give you the tools to facilitate positive lasting change.

Susan and I are passionate about helping you fulfill your well-being potential-because YOU MATTER.

We are looking forward to supporting you as you navigate your way through a range of positive psychology and stress management strategies, aimed at developing, promoting, and maintaining healthy well-being habits through motivation, inspiration, and resilience.

NB this course is NOT for the faint-hearted- we are looking for committed, determined individuals ready to be coached and supported to go from strength to strength. These workshops will help you push through obstacles and barriers to well-being.

NB a percentage of all proceeds will be going to Anxiety UK- Britain’s leading anxiety charity to help promote awareness for anxiety and this incredible charity that supports those at their most vulnerable.

Here are the online dates for your diary:

Dates: Tuesday 22 September , Tuesday 29 September, Tuesday 6 October

Time: 6.30pm-8.00pm

Your investment: £35 per workshop if booking individually or at the discounted rate of £90 when book all 3 . Non- refundable but transferable. NB: £5 from each £35 ticket will be donated to Anxiety UK

Your investment: £35 per workshop if booking individually or at the discounted rate of £90 when book all 3 !

Get in touch here to reserve your place

Mindful self-compassion full programme this Autumn

This Autumn I hope to be delivering this empowering and resilience building training from Pickmere. However, I am guided by government guidelines and covid being brought under safe control so this course may be moved online . Every cloud though…, as they say ? so if this happens there will be an automatic discount of £30 applied!
It is good to remember and be drawn to the fact that in amidst the pain and suffering there is always light and enduring beauty when we look mindfully and with gratitude for all that we love that surrounds us in each present moment, all that we accomplish, and all that this precious human life we are given can enjoy.

NB: All MSC courses and Six weekly gatherings will take place online this summer.
All MSC courses will now take place in Mid Cheshire and  South East Cheshire.
The original ‘six weekly gathering will continue to be held at Disley Quaker meeting in East Cheshire which borders with the High peak. Other gatherings will take place in South Cheshire also as the year progresses.

For more information about this empowering programme take a look here 

NB: Places are limited get in touch here to learn more and get the application form. You can also download the application form here

Individual support

Please check out my COVID PRACTICE PLAN HERE for my Knutsford and Macclesfield clinics. I am hoping to reopen my doors on August 11 with some guidelines and covid secure measures in place ?

As always, do get in touch if you are looking for support and help. My clinics in Knutsford, Poynton, and  Macclesfield are open and I welcome you.
In my private practice I teach mindfulness based compassion focused- approaches alongside psychotherapy and cognitive counselling to bringing about change and improving quality of life and I have the privilege of seeing huge change and success from these approaches. So do get in touch  or call me on 07753 957371 if you would like help with anxiety issues, low mood, or other issues you feel I may be able to help you with.