February 2018 Spring is in the air and I’m dedicating myself to your well-being!

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Wishing you well and happy as February begins. This month is the month of valentines and a look forward to renewal and rebirth as the first signs and flowers of Spring begin to emerge. 

As the year unfolds and you are looking for support on your personal well-being journey – check out the now well-established and popular Willersley mindful self-compassion  weekend retreats.  There are limited places and the May retreat is booking up fast! so do get in touch for more information and to reserve your place. These nourishing and uplifting weekend retreats now have a regular following and run twice a year, in the Spring-setting and revisiting intentions and in the Autumn – reviewing and refining our progress and taking time out to re-balance and reconnect with our purpose and highest nature. 

The Mindful self-compassion programme transforms and transcends the mundane, and challenges of daily life-teaching essential skills for emotional resilience and well-being.

Two new day retreats for the Spring! -‘A day of Joy and acceptance andA day of peace -silent retreatKeep scrolling down for further details!

I have some exciting news to share this month. I am so thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity and privilege once again be a trustee on the board for Anxiety UK.   I look forward to supporting AUK and offering discounted courses and retreats to its members!

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970, by someone living with agoraphobia, for those affected by anxiety, stress, and anxiety based depression.

To read more please Click Here »
And on the subject of new relationships I look forward to supporting ‘Pinches medical’ an ethical and visionary organisation offering a unique package of high quality health care to its members -with well-being programmes and courses including Cookery and nutrition classes, massages, yoga and more…
I can highly recommend meeting friends for a catch up and a refreshing cuppa in the beautiful Art Cafe on the ground floor of Charles Roe House -the home of Pinches medical

Valentine’s – a day of love

Valentines day is not just a day for secret admirers to show their affections, but also for those in love, partners, married couples. It is also a good day to let all those dear to you know how much you care.

It is a good time to remind ourselves of the one’s we love, and a time to show how much we love; a time to rekindle passion; strengthen relationships; patch up quarrels; and, most importantly, make time for each other- something we forget to do in our busy lives. It is a good time to think about how we communicate. Good communication is the key to many a successful partnership and any relationship we care about, including family, friends, and work colleagues.

Time spent with those we cherish is special. This is a good day to reflect on this, to think about how we express our feelings and emotions.

And here’s the best bit. You don’t have to spend a fortune to express your love.

Here are some simple tips for Valentine’s and beyond:

Prepare a nice meal at home, very intimate and less costly- you can still dress up and eat by candlelight. Turn the TV off and put the trays away. This gives you time and opportunity, not just to pay attention to what you are eating, but uninterrupted time for each other. Make a valentine’s resolution to plan this in at least once a week.

  • Take time to listen to each other –How about not interrupting, and finishing off their sentences? Show that you are really interested in how their day has been, and how much you want to be more attentive.
  • It is the little things that matter- When was the last time you told your loved one you love them? These simple little words can relieve a lot of tension in a relationship, particularly with busy lives. We can all feel invisible and unimportant at times.
  • Don’t expect too much of each other- Try to be more flexible in your expectations, lower them a little. We are all human and we make mistakes. Compassion and forgiveness is a key to a long and happy partnership, and life! It takes a lot less energy and time to forgive, both of which are precious.
  • Try to be more open- about likes and dislikes, rather than pretending we are happy with something, then bottling up resentment- out partners are not mind readers.
  • Cherish each moment as if it were the last and cherish each other and the time you have together.
As I think about valentines, and relationships in general, how we take care of each-other, and how we take care of ourselves , mindfulness enables us to be more fully present, compassionate, and better communicators.
I would like to share this lovely article from the Huffington post that I came across today
Expand Valentine’s Day Love for One Into Compassion for Many
And this article on Compassion from Rick Hanson and this video on empathy and Compassion – ‘feeling loved’

In my new courses I share some of the knowledge and ancient wisdom of compassion practice and the strategies to help build emotional resilience and well-being as we move  ahead in Spring 2018.

This New year and  into 2018 I am offering the MSC course in its 8 week format, and adapted versions over 5 weekends, and for health care professionals a specially adapted 4-week version developed by Professor Kristin Neff- self-compassion researcher and founder of MSC with her colleague Chris Germer.

I am also offering adapted courses to teachers and I am thrilled to have completed my first course with AESG in January! This is truly a home-coming for me as it is my old school where I had some of the best years of my life and learnt core values that have kept me in good stead as I have journeyed through life’s path.
My professional  focus and ethos continues to evolve and move towards a compassionate approach to well-being that offers new strategies physical and emotional comfort based on neuroscientific findings, and continuing research into chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and CFS.

This February issue is filled with updated information regarding new day retreats  and new courses for 2018.

All MSC courses will now take place in Disley on Saturdays and Adlington Village Hall South East Cheshire on Friday afternoons. The original ‘six weekly gathering’ will continue to be held at Disley Quaker meeting in East Cheshire which borders with the High peak. Other gatherings will take place in South Cheshire also as the year progresses.

MSC over 5 weekends on Saturdays – with full days 10-5pm: April 28 session 1 and 2; May 12 session 3 and 4; May 26 Retreat day 10-3pm; June 9 session 5 and 6; June 23 session 7 and 8.

Venue: Disley Quaker meeting House.
Cost:   The total fee for the  course is £250.00 

For further information and an application form please contact me in the first instance on 07753 957371 or email me . Places are limited and secured by completed application form and £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit. This can be paid online via bacs (please get in touch for details) or by postal cheque made payable to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane, Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA.

From January 2018 the ‘gatherings’ are now available to anyone who has trained in MSC and who wishes to keep connected to the practice and be supported with their practice and ongoing journey in the warm and friendly company of those who are also walking the path.

The dates for 2018 at Disley are as follows:
27 January 10.00-12.30pm, 17 March, 21 April, 2 June, 14 July, 25 August, BREAK FOR AUTUMN WEEKEND RETREAT AT WILLERLSEY, 20 October, 6 December 10-3 for a special extended Christmas gathering.
NB: If you would like to attend any of the gatherings  and have not completed MSC with me please get in touch with me in the first instance.

Corporate and Community well-being

This year I have continued to focus on  corporate and community well-being as I continue with teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion programme (please get in touch if you would like me to send out an information and application form for courses starting in Spring 2017) and NEW FOR 2018:  ‘Emotional resilience’, and ‘Mindful compassion for well-being’ ‘Eat well, sleep well, live well’ Three unique programmes of 4 week-weekly  training and personal development  incorporating the latest research based approaches including ‘compassion and mindfulness’ and imaginal exposure’ for valuable and lasting lifestyle changes and well-being.
I have found that motivation and intention are powerful instigators of positive lifestyle change and I found this article on ‘the science of achieving your goals’ interesting and thought I would share it here with you.

MSC for teens and Young adults

I am offering MSC for teens next Spring 2018 and places are limited to 10 teens so register your interest asap and I will send out some information.  This course is the official  ‘Making friends with yourself’  MSC for teens and young adults. Research has already shown the benefits and positive outcomes for this training and I believe it will be the next great move forward in our civilisation towards compassion and emotional resilience. I have had the privilege of training in Dublin in November 2016 with Loraine Hobbs and Karen Bluth- 2 remarkable people who are setting the bar for transforming the lives of teens and young adults, so they can flourish as adults- I wish this course had been around for my generation- it really is a game changer in developing self-confidence and emotional resilience. Watch this space for further information or get in touch to discuss how I can bring this to your school or community college.

There are new retreats and workshops on offer  to help you to keep your focus on your intentions and goals as 2018 unfolds, to support you on your own journey.

“A Mindful Self-Compassion silent day retreat”

A calming day of mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and self-compassion: Achieving Quiet calm and emotional resilience in a busy world.
March 24 2018  from 10.00am until 3.00pm
At the beautiful Quaker meeting House in Disley

This gentle and uplifting retreat is being facilitated by Annette Boden MSc.
Suitable for all with MSC, MBSR training or who have a formal meditation practice.
Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share at lunch.
The cost of £45 payable in advance of the day reserves your place. A special discount of £5 is offered to anyone bringing a full paying friend.
There is a reduced fee of £35 for my ‘Six weekly gatherers’
NB: Places are limited so early booking is recommended and a waiting list will be in place.
For further information and to book your place, please contact me by email  here : or call me on 07753 95771

This is a brand new day retreat and focuses on the practices of Acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation to strengthen well-being and emotional resilience
Venue: Disley Quaker meeting House
Time:10am- 4pm
Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share at lunch.
The cost of £50 payable in advance of the day reserves your place. A special discount of £5 is offered to anyone bringing a full paying friend.
There is a  reduced fee of £40 for my ‘Six weekly gatherers’
NB: Places are limited so early booking is recommended and a waiting list will be in place.
For further information and to book your place, please contact me by email  here : or call me on 07753 95771

Willersley Castle Mindful self-compassion weekend retreats 2018

The Willersley Castle retreat dates confirmed for this year and places are filling up fast! So please get in touch asap to book your place which is secured with a non-refundable but transferable deposit of £50.00. You can send me a cheque or pay via bacs
The two retreat weekends this year are: 18-20 May 2018 and 5-7 October 2018

Check out the APP insight meditation. I have just uploaded a free mediation there “Giving and receiving compassion” the third of the core meditations from the Mindful self-compassion programme. If you would like an MP3 download of the meditation just for you, please email meNew for Spring 2018

“Mindful Compassion for well-being”

A 4-week programme introducing mindful self-compassion with an option to continue to complete the official MSC 8-week programme starting March 2018
This adapted course is based on the Compassion-focused therapeutic approaches taken from the mindful self-compassion courses of Kristin Neff and Chris Germer. The course will focus specifically on mindfulness based approaches to emotional well-being and is not intended to replace psychological therapy. It will also involve some group discussion and deep relaxation techniques.
The cost is £100 for the full 4 weeks. Places are limited and secured by a £50 non-refundable but transferable deposit payable via bacs online (contact me for details) or by cheque made payable to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane, Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA’.
Venue: South Cheshire / Adlington / Wilmslow /Alderley Edge TBC
Dates TBC: 1.5 hours per week – 4 weekly evenings/ afternoons/ Saturday mornings Starting Spring 2018
Please register your interest and preferred time of week by email or call me on 07753 95731

Annette Boden well-being presents

“Sleep well, eat well, Live well”

A series of 4 uplifting weekly workshops for complete well-being which can be taken individually or as a complete package
Cost: £30 per workshop or £25 per workshop when attending all 4
Venue: Adlington Village Hall TBC.
Dates: Friday 27 April, Friday  May 4, Friday 11 May, Friday 25 May 2018
Places are limited and secured by £30 if only attending one session or £100 if attending all four to complete the course (recommended) – prior to commencement of the course payable via bacs online ( contact me for details) or by cheque made payable to ‘Annette Boden’ and sent to ‘ 18a Green lane, Chinley, Derbyshire, SK23 6AA’.

Please register your interest and preferred time of week by email or call me on 07753 95731

More Mindfulness from my friends and valued colleagues in the High peak

New 8- week Mindfulness course at Riverside well-being in Whaley Bridge facilitated by Sarah TalbotSarah Talbot
Starting Monday 12 February 2018
Evenings from 7-9pm
Cost £180
NB: You may still be able to join if you have missed Monday’s first session! Also, There are a couple of breaks due to half term and Easter so likely to finish end of April
For details contact Sarah at Riverside well-being on 01663 734347


Blythe House 2018 day retreats
Facilitated by my Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher David Oldham
Image result for david oldham mindfulness
Saturday 24 February “An introduction to Mindful Compassion”
Saturday 19 May “Deepening Mindful Compassion”
Saturday 28 July “A day of Joy”
Saturday 29 September “Touching peace”
Saturday 1 December “Letting go and new beginnings
£65 per retreat
Retreats begin at 10am and finish at 5pm
Vegetarian lunch and light refreshments are included
NB: Places are limited so early booking for these popular and uplifting day retreats is highly recommended.
For more information or to book a place please contact Nicki Theaker on 01298 875086 or email nicki.theaker@blythehouse.co.uk
This programme consists of four weekend training sessions at Blythe House plus a five day residential retreat – only 16 places available!

Mindful Compassion facilitator training at Blythe House Hospice
Facilitated by David Oldham and Ann Burgoyne


Spring 2018 at The Brookdale Clinic

It has been really lovely to begin work and offer a Friday morning clinic at this centre of excellence for a range of health and well-being treatments, including: Physiotherapy, Psychology, massage, podiatry, facials, microdermabrasion to name but a few!  I am looking forward to an official launch in the early spring where you will be able to come along to an open day or evening (day and time TBC) and meet me and some of my colleagues at the clinics.

online shopping page

My online shopping page is a new venture and I hope to update it regularly -adding items of interest and enjoyment. At the moment I have CDs and downloads available. I will also be uploading videos and downloads in a free resource section as I get my new website fully up and running, so watch this space!

In my private practice I teach mindfulness based compassion focused- approaches alongside psychotherapy and cognitive counselling to bringing about change and improving quality of life and I have the privilege of seeing huge change and success from these approaches. So do get in touch  or call me on 07753 957371 if you would like help with anxiety issues, low mood, or other issues you feel I may be able to help you with.

Finally I hope to be sharing some more exciting news next month!

Wishing you all well and happy, with a Valentine month that is filled with hope and compassion, and much love and joy for yourself and for all around you in February 2018
Thank you so much for your continued support and as I continue to develop my programmes and offerings.