Important announcement : reopening king street August 11!?

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July 10 2020

Important and exciting announcement

Hello everyone

From  March 23 2020, following government advice regarding the Corona virus, I moved my clinical practice online for the foreseeable future. We are now at the beginning of July and there are green shoots appearing and there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel. I am currently shielding with my husband and so continue to offer online sessions until August, as per government shielding guidelines.

However, I am pleased to say, that I am hoping to open the doors to my King Street practice on Tuesday August 11 and I am welcoming bookings from today. Priority is been given to those who have already requested face to face appointments and have been waiting a while.

My room will be COVID secure and every measure possible will be taken for your comfort and safety.

Please remember that although we may be easing from lock down, as yet, the virus remains present amidst us and we need to be vigilant. To that end, I am considering wearing a visor for your comfort and reassurance, as a mask would not support the human connection in the therapeutic relationship, in the same way a smile or other facial expressions do so.

My room will have a deep clean, and to reassure-I have not been in there since the beginning of March so I suspect any rogue bit of virus has fallen on its sword and died by now :). However, all humour aside, your health and well-being, as always, is of paramount importance to me, so I will be inviting you in through the front door via the voice buzzer without the need for ‘meet and greet’, so you can safely come in and walk down to my room, where you will be warmly but socially distanced welcomed, with a smile, and hand sanitiser.

The box of tissues is always at hand-but please, if you have the remotest sniffle, sore throat, feel under the weather-do not push yourself at the last minute-it is fine to cancel due to feeling unwell, and I will not be charging a cancellation fee. Also, if this is the case, and you can focus otherwise, we will just move the session online (zoom/skype, and face time have been working very well). This can be done at the very last minute as I have the facility in my practice well as at home?

It is imperative that I keep you and all my other clients safe so please take good care and compassionate responsibility for yourself and others.

If you are in any way anxious about attending face to face then remote sessions are an excellent second choice.

I will also provide face masks if you feel better with one as I’m not sure there is a 2 metre distance in my practice and sneezing is unpredictable.

I am asking that you sign a disclaimer to say that you are happy to attend face to face and are free from symptoms to the best of your knowledge. As I’m sure you are aware- anyone can be a-symptomatic-that’s nobody’s fault and of course I cannot counteract or preempt that possibility so please decide before you attend if you are happy to have a face to face therapy session, with the assurance that I will have taken every possible measure to keep you, my other clients, and myself safe.

Please note that I am on the ground floor of a communal building and whilst I am responsible for my own room, and know that every care will have been taken in communal areas. If you wish to use the toilet please be aware that you will need to wear a mask upstairs as there is limited social distances at the wash basins.

My online offerings continue and  include relaxation classes and MSC courses, and some retreats, and new workshops?.

I can offer to a larger number online via the Zoom platform which you can access with an ID and Password following the booking procedure which will be via phone and/or email, and receipt of payment via bacs or paypal via my online shop web page which will be updated as soon as possible.

For your comfort and security, the zoom room is locked 5 minutes after the last person enters and can only be accessed by invitation and password.

Many people run therapy practices solely online and it does work very well. I have offered skype and online therapy sessions alongside my face to face clinical practice for many years now for those unable to attend face to face due to travelling distance and my international clients.

I also know that  face time and zoom platforms for therapy  work well also.

My fees are £60 and have not increased for the last five years or more and I am postponing my planned April increase until September when my fees will go up to £65.

For further information/ to book a session/class/course/ workshop,  Please do get in touch as I have some slots available every week and they are run from my own secure and confidential office. Or call me on 07753 957371.

I look forward to continuing to serve you and help you with many issues including stress and anxiety management, building emotional resilience etc. For full details of my services and the issues I provide help with you can learn more here

Assuring you of my best professional intentions at all times as I wish you well, safe, and happy and look forward to working with you.