January news 2020! A new year, a new decade, and a new day retreat to set your intentions!

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Hello and welcome to my New Year newsletter -January 2020!

“Destiny writes in pencil, we get to ink in the final version of what has been drawn out”
Jonathon Cainer

Welcome to my new year’s newsletter-the first one of 2020 and the first of a new decade.  I invite you to look forward to making positive changes in 2020 and building on all you have learnt, achieved, and overcome in 2019 and looking back over the last decade.
Before we look ahead, it is helpful to look back at the last decade-so much has changed, worries we had ten years ago may not even be remembered now, and the plans we made? well, life moves and evolves, so nothing is ever set in stone when we set our intentions and make commitments, as we cannot possibly know how things will unfold in our future. Remember- tomorrow has not happened yet but we have the ability to shape how we would like our future to look and feel, and may be as you look back, you can acknowledge many accomplishments and achievements and gratitude for the pain  of challenges that have now passed and have brought with them silver linings.

As I reflect on the past decade and the year that is almost drawing to a close, I have begun to consider my goals and setting my intentions for the year ahead. Refreshing my aim towards that which I have not yet accomplished, and meeting myself with compassion for the setbacks I have endured.
I hope this new year brings you much joy, love and happiness. As we plan our new beginnings for the next decade, I thought I would share a reflection from Jonathon Cainer-as a reminder that we can create our own destiny and future pathways -so let’s get creative!
I invite you to join me on January 18th as I share with you and guide you through meditations and practices that help shape where you want to be-setting your intentions and aspiring to your goals on this uplifting and popular new year day retreat 
To get the year off to a positive start, I would like to share with you some tips and ideas that I have also shared with readers in the January edition of INCHESHIRE

When planning and reflecting o your dreams, ambitions, and goals for 2020, perhaps you could include the following when planning your year

  • Balance – going full steam ahead with a radical diet puts excess pressure on you at the very start of the year. It is far better to consider eating healthily. Over -exercising for hours at a time is not sustainable and can lead to feelings of defeat and guilt- both unnecessary! Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that even a brisk 20 minute walk each day counts.
  • Let go of old unwanted habits- one at a time!
  • Harmony- this comes about from acknowledging moderation and moving towards your goals a step at a time, so that you are not overwhelmed.
  •  Compassion- work towards being kind to yourself and those around you, and in all your relationships. Practice compassion- the physical and emotional benefits are well known.
  • Mindfulness- Acknowledging the beauty of nature every day by taking a walk. This is a good time to practice mindful awareness- being in touch with and being fully aware, in the present moment, of all you can see, hear, and feel on your walk. Mindfulness enables you to switch off from the busy and demanding days and all the joys and challenges they bring- giving you time to acknowledge the space and peace around you. There is much evidence to show that mindfulness helps lift mood and increases overall wellbeing.
  • Visualise- yourself in the future after achieving your goals and visualise a beautiful place to go to each day for space, peace and calm, and inspiration.

Then apply my 5-Step approach to achieving your goals
What are your goals that you want to achieve this year and beyond?
Taking a step at a time, think about what would be useful in helping you achieve these goals- focus? Determination? Motivation?
What stands in the way? What old unwanted habits would you like to let go of?
Decide what you want to address first and take five positive steps towards achieving your goals:
Step one– look back over the last year and acknowledge achievements, and what is yet to be achieved.
Step two– Acknowledge the goal
Step three– address issues or habits that are standing in your way, one at a time
Step four– Focus on what you need: Motivation, confidence, courage, the ability to see/imagine achieving your goals?
Step five – create balance and clear the path forward- know that it is ok to say no to being overloaded with tasks, break those lists down and be realistic.
Then, begin to look forward to increasing your, health, well-being, and happiness as you move towards achieving those desirable and realistic goals a step at a time.
You have the power within you to achieve– it is just a matter of deciding when to take those first steps and put your plan into action.
With all of the above, the essential ingredient for achieving is self-compassion-this helps motivate you mindfully and wisely-thinking about what actually makes you happy and what brings meaning into your life-so it may be not so much about goals, as positive intentions that you can return to as often as you like throughout the year whenever life has got in the way and you have strayed from the path you set out upon.
Keeping things simple is also important-don’t try to do too many things at once-brake your plans down in to manageable daily or weekly intentions.

Now, a look ahead at my New Year offerings for 2020

January 18 a New Year day retreat “Setting our intentions and goals.

Mindful self-compassion – a New year retreat for setting our goals and intentions

A unique and uplifting day of mindfulness, self-compassion, guided reflection and practice, and deep relaxation, and good company. An introduction to Mindful self-compassion.
Saturday January 18 2020
Venue: Disley Quaker meeting House
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: £55.00 payable by cash/cheque/via bacs in advance of the day.
A special bonus! – spreading the word about the benefits of Mindful self-compassion and retreats

I am offering £5 off for anyone who brings a friend paying full price for the day and – if you introduce 2 or more friends who book on and attend you will get a 50% discount for the day you attend with your friends.
Also, £20 of the full price of this workshop will be deducted from the spring Mindful self-compassion programme when you sign up on the day!
For further information and to book a place
Tel: 07753 957371 or Email me

The dates are confirmed for the  2020  Mindful self-compassion courses  and you can find full details and download the application form here.

New relaxation class in Knutsford starts on January 8 2020

I am thrilled to be now offering my relaxation class in knutsford, cheshire.

A weekly session of deep relaxation with mindfulness, self-compassion, and guided visualisation.

I have been running these classes for many years now and am pleased to be offering them once again.

You can bring a mat and blanket if you like to lie down but sitting on a chair is also beneficial. The sessions offer a unique opportunity to relax and unwind deeply with  experienced and compassionate guidance and learn a powerful technique to help you relax, manage anxiety, sleep well, and generally enjoy an improved sense of well-being.

The venue will be at 98 King street

When:  Wednesdays starting January 8

Time: 6.30pm – 7.15pm

Cost: £20 for the four sessions when booking the full four or £7 per class if booking a single class

NB:Places are limited so booking is essential and can be booked up until 5pm on the day.

Payment can be made either via bacs -contact me on 07753 957371 for details

Willersley Mindful self-compassion weekend retreats for 2020

These weekends provide  a wonderful opportunity to practice self-care and compassion and take some time for you to replenish and rejuvenate and strengthen your relationship with yourself.
This is a beautiful and popular weekend and I am looking forward to delivering this special retreat again  next year in April 24-26 and October 9-11.
NB Deposits are now due for the April retreat! Early booking is recommended as I only have limited spaces so get in touch ASAP and note that just  a £50 (non-refundable) deposit secures your place

Here’s some feedback from the 2019 Autumn retreat on my retreat page:

The Mindful Self Compassion programme 2020 dates now published!

It is good to remember and be drawn to the fact that in amidst the pain and suffering there is always light and enduring beauty when we look mindfully and with gratitude for all that we love that surrounds us in each present moment, all that we accomplish, and all that this precious human life we are given can enjoy.
All MSC courses will now take place in Mid Cheshire and  South East Cheshire.
The original ‘six weekly gathering will continue to be held at Disley Quaker meeting in East Cheshire which borders with the High peak. Other gatherings will take place in South Cheshire also as the year progresses.
For more information about this empowering programme take a look here 
NB: Places are limited get in touch here to learn more and get the application form. You can also download the application form here

Individual support

As always, do get in touch if you are looking for support and help. My clinics in Knutsford, Poynton, and  Macclesfield are open and I welcome you.
In my private practice I teach mindfulness based compassion focused- approaches alongside psychotherapy and cognitive counselling to bringing about change and improving quality of life and I have the privilege of seeing huge change and success from these approaches. So do get in touch  or call me on 07753 957371 if you would like help with anxiety issues, low mood, or other issues you feel I may be able to help you with.

Corporate and Community well-being

This year I have continued to focus on  corporate and community well-being as I continue with teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion programme.

 Anxiety UK!

I am really enjoying my role as chair of the board of trustees on the board for Anxiety UK. I look forward to supporting AUK and the wonderful staff and board as we move into a very special year next year! I will be  offering more discounted courses and retreats to AUK members! and I will be keeping you posted on all the news from AUK HQ!

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970, by someone living with agoraphobia, for those affected by anxiety, stress, and anxiety- based depression.

To read more please Click Here »

What’s new!

As you know, I have the enormous privilege of being the chair of the board of trustees for the UK’s leading and multiple award- winning anxiety charity. So I continue to offer workshops in support of AUK at their HQ and I am thrilled to be offering the Mindful Self Compassion course this Autumn with discount for Anxiety UK therapists and staff, and AUK partners.

I am honoured to continue my links with my esteemed colleague Karin Sieger who is supporting me with a page on her excellent website. She is the UKs leading psychotherapy blogger and I recommend you have a look at her excellent blogs! I particularly want to draw your attention to Karin’s recent newsletter and her section
“The grief collection” 

online shopping page

My online shopping page is a new venture and I hope to update it regularly adding items of interest and enjoyment. At the moment I have CDs and downloads available. I will also be uploading videos and downloads in a free resource section as I get my new website fully up and running, so watch this space!

Wishing you all well and happy, as we look forward to new beginnings, new journeys, and new adventures in 2020 and the decade ahead!
Thank you so much for your continued support and as I continue to develop my programmes and offerings.