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Welcome to my April 2021 newsletter

Creating new balance and living life well in a a new era of freedom with compassion

Hello and welcome to my newsletter for April 2021
So, its been a while…a very long while since I put pen to paper for a newsletter and reached out to let you know whats next.
It has felt like the longest winter for a lot of us and mental health has seen a soaring increase in suicide rates, relationship break ups, and desperate loneliness for many. I know this is not the most uplifting headline, but these are the facts of what has been perhaps one of the most difficult years in all of our collective history, not just personally, but globally. There is ‘common humanity’ in suffering, we can all feel the pain of being separated from loved ones-family, friends, co-workers-in fact the sheer reduction in human contact for many has driven us to learn new skills more urgently, and resolutely than ever before.
We are all becoming conversant with much on the internet than google. We have zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, face time, whats app video, and more!
There are so many ways we have shown adaptability and flexibility in our approach to keeping connected during a most horrendous pandemic. Now, for some of us comes the opportunity to engage a little more as restrictions are eased tomorrow, and we carefully step out once again! On that note, I am so pleased to say that I am open for business from tomorrow April 12 2021 at my Twemlow practice, seeing clients face to face as well as continuing online with my nationwide, and international clients. For your comfort and convenience I have a secure covid plan in place-scroll down my consultancy page to learn more!

Well-being for life- a new programme of membership benefits!

I have personally found this time, a time of some soul searching and consideration of my life’s purpose, and I have come to know deeply that I wish to continue t help people in as many ways as possible. My well-being for life has now been launched successfully and I have begun to mentor my first cohort of participants-this is a new journey for all and I welcome suggestions.
Do have a look at the programme-I think you will agree, there is something for everyone, and it is affordable for many -bridging the gap between corporate, community-private and NHS to help as many people as possible navigate the life journey with well-being for life!

This newsletter is not my usual offering. As the year unfolds, I am offering new day retreats, and Mindful self-compassion courses so watch this space!
But for now, as we step out tomorrow I would like to share this beautiful and uplifting poem from a dear friend on the mindful self-compassion  path Jane Doyle

Spring Equinox with lovex
Day equals night
As night equals day
The earth is
Awakening from
It’s winter slumbers
Bird song heralds
That spring is
In the air
Bud’s burst forth
Unfurling new
Green leaves
Outside and within
Lighting the way
To endless
As Spring
Has begun
At this

Well-being matters

Whilst we must remain vigilant and cautious, and adhere to the sound and clear advice we have been given: ‘Hands, face, space- washing our hands often and thoroughly, wearing a face mask indoors and where social distancing is not possible, and where, it is possible, keeping a safe distance – none of this is easy.
We have seen a sharp rise in anxiety and depression and emotional uncertainty, so it is imperative that we find a way to enjoy our life however we are able to do so safely. Achieving well-being both emotionally and physically is possible despite the uncertainty we face.  Wellbeing matters-you matter- we all matter.
As we navigate our way through the coming months and look forward to seeing friends, family, and work colleagues again-not to mention our favourite cafes and restaurants, and our favourite haunts, it’s time to restore the balance within.
Many of us have probably eaten more food and drank more alcohol during these strange and restrictive times, but as we move into the summer and an easing of those restrictions, it is a good opportunity to restore our own natural norms and habits, and even create some new ones as we look forward to boosting our immune and emotional systems.
I consider resilience to be made up of four essential elements: Strength, Courage, Wisdom , and compassion.
You need physical and emotional strength to persevere when things get tough and you are facing adversity, when the end of difficulty seems a long way off.
You need the courage to turn towards your suffering and face fears and adversity-when we turn towards with courage , more often that not, we can actively alleviate the suffering of anxiety. When you recognise your own courage this helps build self -assurance and confidence to continue on your life path.
Wisdom is a quality that we grow into , from all that we learn and overcome, mindfulness helps us to become more aware of our needs and thus be able to meet those needs when we practice compassion – giving ourselves the same care and attention we do to those we truly love.
In the weeks ahead, I will  put together a number of initiatives aimed at supporting you to strengthen your well-being and thrive, not just in these uncertain times but for always as a practice to build on.
Please do look out for the new podcast coming soon “well-being matters” with myself and wonderful co-host Susan Townsend. We look forward to bringing empowering face to face resilience training to corporate and community participants later in the summer and Autumn 2021

“Annette Boden well-being for life”: Join the club! 

I am delighted to broaden my offer of  a new annual membership scheme “Annette Boden well-being for life!”🤗

It is so important and helpful to have regular support as you navigate life’s challenges and look for ways to meet your needs, knowing that you are a precious human life that matters. You certainly matter to me!

For an annual membership fee starting at  just £50 for ‘silver’ membership, and rising to £150 for platinum (great value!)I am delighted to offer you access to a range of beneficial resources. For full details of this full package please go here, and to register your interest/apply for membership, and obtain further information, please go here

Continuing online Relaxation classes

Due to these unprecedented times I am continuing to offer my relaxation class Online.

A weekly session of deep relaxation with mindfulness, self-compassion, and guided visualisation.

The online version runs via the Zoom meeting platform which means we are able to see each other and I facilitate the class via video link-so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home 🙂

I am continuing to offer 6 sessions at a reduced rate throughout the summer so if you pay for all six sessions upfront the cost will be just £20 and payable via bacs if you do online banking or £23 if you choose the paypal option. If you wish to attend ad hoc then I am also reducing the weekly session to £5 payable in advance of the session. I will also offer some handouts and downloads as part of this package to keep everyone going during the physical isolating period.

You can opt for sound only also so that you can lie down on your bed at home if you wish or you can attend with full video and audio sitting on a comfortable chair.

At the first session you sign up for there will be meet and greet and time allowed for logging on and any difficulties to be ironed out 🙂

Please get in touch here for further information so that I can email you the meeting ID and password for the zoom sessions. Or call me in the first instance on 07753 957371

I look forward to welcoming you on Wednesdays at 6.30pm until 7.15pm

Wishing you all safe and well🙏

NB: I  am offering my online relaxation class with a discount for everyone and to NHS staff  for FREE so please email here directly to obtain the zoom meeting ID and password. 

April 12 Open for business with Clinical therapy sessions at my lovely Twemlow practice

Good news I am open for compassion-focused face to face therapy once again from tomorrow April 12 2021!

I continue to offer online therapy via zoom, skype, and face time. Many people run therapy practices solely online and it does work very well. I have offered skype and online therapy sessions alongside my face to face clinical practice for many years now for those unable to attend face to face due to travelling distance and my international clients.

My online fees are £65 

For further information/ to book a session/class/course Please doget in touchas I have some slots available this week and they are run from my own secure and confidential office. Or call me on 07753 957371.

I look forward to continuing to serve you and help you with many issues including stress and anxiety management, building emotional resilience etc. For full details of my services and the issues I provide help with you canlearn more here

Assuring you of my best professional intentions at all times as I wish you well, safe, and happy and look forward to working with you.

So, what new offerings do I have this Summer and early Autumn?

Mindful self-compassion programmes and day retreats details coming soon! 

A new offering of  Hypnotherapy products!

I am delighted to introduce you to Healthy audio – a fantastic resource of excellent hypnosis recordings for better health. I have had the privilege of training under Michael Mahony -the founder and owner of Healthy audio ltd and I can testify to the quality and benefits of his recordings. I completed my IBS hypnotherapy training with Mike and cancer hypnotherapy. 
Healthy audio offers a range of products to improve well-being.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products, which include the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Emotional recovery after breast cancer and many others, all developed using our structured approach of bringing ideas to life, so you live your life better. ” 

I wish you safe, well, and happy wherever your path may lead this month and I look forward to sharing with you again in my May newsletter.

Thank you so much for your continued support and as I continue to develop my programmes and offerings.

Please forward this email to anyone you think may find the above of interest/ useful.